14 Best Orange Color Combinations for a Great Design

By | December 16, 2020
14 Best Orange Color Combinations for a Great Design.
Orange color gives beauty, joy, and sensational feel to designs.

14 Best Orange Color Combinations for a Great Design

Orange, with the color code hex #FFA500, has proven itself not to be just a mouth-watering sweet fruit but also a sensational color that radiates anytime it is unveiled.

The orange color is gotten through the mixture of yellow and red. Orange is mutated with both features of red and yellow; it got its energy and happiness from red and yellow respectively.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best colors that go well with orange, as well as why they are so effective when paired with orange.

14 Best Orange Color Combinations for a Great Design

If you need to pair orange with a color for a great combination, here are best colors to work with:

  1. Orange and Red
  2. Orange and purple
  3. Orange and White
  4. Orange and Yellow
  5. Orange and Burgundy
  6. Orange and Gray
  7. Orange and Navy Blue
  8. Orange and Cobalt Blue
  9. Orange and Citrus Green
  10. Orange and Brown
  11. Orange and Black
  12. Orange and Coral
  13. Orange And Pink
  14. Orange and Maroon.
  1. Orange and Red
Orange and red color combination.
Orange and red color combination.

Orange and Red are color wheel neighbors so they can complement each other with their both energetic and vibrant features, yet the different subtle in their warmth makes the colors to be unique in their ways.

Bear in mind that when pairing orange and red, always use proportions, and avoid using them equally.

HTML code for Red: hex #FF0000

  1. Orange and Purple
Orange and purple color combination.
Orange and purple color combination.

Keeping the warmth of orange alive is essential in designing, otherwise why choose orange if you don’t want its warm energy.

One way to pair orange is to match it with a muted version of purple to maintain its radiance. Orange and purple creates a beautifully muted yet a vibrant colorful palette.

HTML code for Purple: hex #800080

  1. Orange and White
Orange and white color combination.
Orange and white color combination.

You might see white as a plain color but never underestimate the power of white when it comes to combining it with orange.

White and orange are an energizing pairing or combination. White and orange is an appetizing and crisp color combination, use it in your designs or any space and see its chic style and personality.

HTML code for White: hex #FFFFFF

  1. Orange and Yellow
Orange and yellow color combination.
Orange and yellow color combination.

This color scheme screams summertime, but this bold, vibrant and energetic color duo reminds the observer of sunshine and a bright day.

You can reduce the temper of the palette with a lighter yellow to diffuse the energy; you can always turn these analogous colors into the vibrant palette of your dreams depending on hue.

HTML code for Yellow: hex #FFFF00

  1. Orange and Burgundy
Orange and burgundy color combination.
Orange and burgundy color combination.

Orange and burgundy are just a perfect soul mate. Orange and Burgundy make an intriguing companion.

Both colors are confident and vibrant, which make a charming duo. These both colors create a security feel and confidence which is very visible.

Saturation matters when combining these two colors when using two bold colors, it’s advisable to vary their different hues.

HTML code for Burgundy: hex #8C001A

  1. Orange and Gray
Orange and gray color combination.
Orange and gray color combination.

Orange is a color of joy and creativity; it can make a beautiful color pairing with gray, which is a neutral color or a color of practicality.

Gray and orange can make a perfect match rather than canceling each other; grey helps balance the vibrancy of orange.

You can use gray as the foundational color while orange play the secondary role, this will make the pallet look fresh, down to earth, and zesty.

HTML code for Gray: hex #808080

  1. Orange and Navy Blue
Orange and navy blue color combination.

Orange and navy blue can pair beautifully in virtually every decor, space or design. The dark tone of navy blue stands in the design like a bouncer, thereby allowing the more youth feeling orange to outshine.

HTML code for Navy Blue: hex #000080

  1. Orange and Cobalt Blue
Orange and cobalt blue color combination.

The effect that cobalt blue and orange give is slightly different from the effect that navy blue and orange give.

Navy blue is kind of staid but cobalt blue is enthusiastic and excitable. Cobalt blue paired with vibrant orange feels more visually focal impactful.

HTML code for Cobalt Blue: #0020C2

  1. Orange and Citrus Green
Orange and citrus green color combination.

Orange and citrus green create an instantly energetic and refreshing look. Whenever you pair citrus green, you have gotten an ideal spectrum of color that concurs with green.

HTML code for Citrus Green: hex #9FB70A

  1. Orange and Brown
Orange and brown color combination.

Orange and brown might not be one of the colors you think can be combined but brown is the color of the earth; it signifies healing, home, stability, warmth.

It is a natural and neutral color that is most times associated with seasons of the earth.

Brown goes well with orange color; when combined they give down-to-earth warmth and trending sophisticated feel.

HTML code for Brown: hex #A52A2A

  1. Orange and Black
Orange and black color combination.

Black is a neutral color and it goes well with every color. Orange is a vibrant color; it is hot, fruity, healthy and engaging.

Orange plus black are a suitable color combination; orange is a loud color but black is there to tone it down to give it a general warm and elegant result.

HTML code for Black: hex #000000

  1. Orange and Coral
Orange and coral color combination.
Orange and coral color combination.

Coral is a color that derives its name from a marine specie decorating the bottom of the sea.

It gives a fresh, feminine, and invigorating feeling.

Coral is a dynamic color and can be combined with orange.

Coral and orange give a warm feeling.

HTML code for Coral: hex #FF7F50

  1. Orange and Pink
Orange and pink color combination.
Orange and pink color combination.

Pink is a feminine color, it signifies Love, friendship, and happiness while orange is a hot and engaging color.

Orange and pink are good combination. When they are combined they give a friendly feeling and also satisfy a warm feminine taste that can be used in pretty much in any setting, depending on the taste of the person.

HTML code for Pink: hex #FFC0CB

  1. Orange and Maroon
Orange and maroon color combination.
Orange and maroon color combination.

Maroon and burgundy are mistaken to be the same color sometimes, burgundy is formed when you mix red and purple giving it a lighter shade than maroon, which is formed by mixing red and brown.

Maroon stands for maturity, passion, strength, and courage. It also stands for indecisiveness. Maroon can be used to stimulate appetite; hence it is mostly used for logos and interiors of restaurants.

Maroon and orange can be combined together; they make a very good combination because orange highlights the Maroon.

Maroon and orange color can be used to make logos and Interiors of offices, houses, and restaurants depending on individual preference.

HTML code for Maroon: hex #800000


As with most colors with vibrant hues and shades, the vibrancy can be easily tuned up or down by adjusting the shades and tints of grey undertones and other neutral colors like black, beige and the rest.

Particularly, orange is affected by these variations, tints, and shades.

Another important fact you should bear in mind when it comes to combining colors or color pairing is that colors like their neighbors but they love their opposites in the color wheel.