10 Common Reasons Learning Graphic Design May Be Difficult

By | November 29, 2020
10 Common Reasons Learning Graphic Design May Be Difficult
When learning graphic designing newly, you
should expect to face certain difficulties.

10 Common Reasons Learning Graphic Design May Be Difficult

Do you want to start a career in graphic designing and you might have been hearing rumors that learning graphic designing is a hard nut to crack?

Do you want to know the various challenges you might encounter while learning graphic designing so as to brace yourself?

This article will be helpful to you if you do.

Like many other careers that offer a lot of financial benefits, learning graphic designing also has some challenges you might face.

You can certainly overcome these difficulties and build a successful graphic designing career if you are focused and motivated to learning new skills.

By giving an open mind to learning the possible changes involved in learning graphic designing, you will be able to also learn how to overcome them and go ahead to become a top designer.

10 Common Reasons Learning Graphic Design May Be Difficult

Here are the common reasons learning graphic design may be difficult:

  1. Design concepts are subjective in nature
  2. Negative or questionable feedbacks
  3. Creativity burnout
  4. You never stop learning
  5. Graphic design can be difficult if you don’t have an eye for aesthetics
  6. Lack of knowledgeable use of ICT gadget used for graphic designing
  7. Not learning theories
  8. Lack of good communication skills
  9. Experiencing imposter syndrome
  10. Trying to master all the design specialties all together.
  1. Design concepts are subjective in nature

Different designers have differing opinions and choice of concept they wish to adopt.

This makes learning design a solitary task and the design processes are determined on a per person basis.

What works perfectly for one designer may not work at all for another. The difficulty amount when you need to explore yourself to find your specialty.

  1. Negative or questionable feedbacks

Getting a negative feedback is one of the most frustrating times in graphic designing.

For example, as a learner you have worked on a project. You spent hours trying to perfect the design and availed it for criticisms but the feedbacks you got were all discouraging and upsetting.

Some critics even went extra miles to tell you to quit graphic designing as a career.

All these negative feedbacks are challenges that will pose a threat and serve as a setback for you while learning.

  1. Creativity burnout

Learning and practicing graphic designing can be most times energy draining and mind challenging.

You can run short of creative ideas as a learner while brainstorming on a particular project.

It can be very difficult to stay inspired while working on a project as a learner and this slows down the learning process.

  1. You never stop learning

Even if you taught yourself graphic designing or you got a degree in it, it still remains the same; you will never stop learning.

New updates like software are released regularly.

In the process of learning, you might stumble on two different new updates with different methods of approach.

  1. Graphic design can be difficult if you don’t have an eye for aesthetics

To learn graphic designing, you should be able to understand what works visually and what does not.

Learning graphic designing without a sense of beauty or a functional skill of observation and experience can be a hard nut to crack; you will definitely find it difficult to model a unique design.

  1. Lack of knowledgeable use of ICT gadget used for graphic designing

Graphics designing might be very complicated if you don’t have any experience on how to operate a computer system and other graphic design gadgets.

Without the knowledge of how to operate computers, you might need to start from the scratch.

Learning the various design software like Photoshop or Illustrator at this stage will definitely be difficult.

  1. Not learning theories

Learning graphic designing without a solid foundation of the theoretical aspect and fundamentals of design can interfere with your practical learning aspect.

When you learn and fully understand the principles and theories of design that is when you can both reproduce good designs that convey the correct information.

  1. Lack of good communication skills

A learner in graphic designing that doesn’t understand the fundamental principles of communication will find it difficult to learn and apply the necessary elements to the visual language in order to communicate effectively.

They might find it challenging to know how to appeal to people’s emotions using the psychology of color and a clear channel of communication.

  1. Experiencing imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is the feeling you get when you think you don’t belong or you don’t have the technical ability to be considered a real graphic designer.

Having the feeling that you don’t belong may cause you to start asking yourself questions like “can I become a professional” and running yourself down, “I’m not half as good as other designers”.

When learning graphic designing, you are going to have these emotions, and it can be difficult to fight off these thoughts.

They may weigh you down and make you quit; feeling subpar can shut you down for good if you allow it.

  1. Trying to master all the design specialties all together

Some beginners in graphic designing don’t focus on mastering one skill at a time, they try to learn all the design specialties at once thereby making it difficult to learn and master a particular specialty.

Focusing and mastering one skill until you become great at it is extremely useful while in the process of learning.

Diverting your focus and not mastering a smaller set of skills will make it hard for you to learn and build your confidence.


Learning graphic designing can be very difficult when you don’t have the creative and aesthetic abilities to create a stunning design.

The process of visual communication and problem-solving can serve as a stumbling block if you don’t learn and develop your creative ability.