15 Amazing Facts about CorelDraw for Graphic Design Beginners

By | December 1, 2020
15 Amazing Facts about CorelDraw for Graphic Design Beginners.
CorelDraw Graphics Suite helps designers
achieve various awesome projects, including
logo, photo manipulation, and web designing.

15 Amazing Facts about CorelDraw for Graphic Design Beginners

This post provides detailed information and facts about CorelDraw to help beginners to graphic designing to learn all the need to know about one of the most popular graphic design software tools around.

Ever since the first release of CorelDraw in the 1980s, the software has been a comprehensive vector drawing and illustration tool and each new version released comes with a new and awesome feature.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite performs different task, The ‘suite’, as the name implies denotes number of tools or resources used for logo design, photo manipulation, web designing and others.

15 Amazing Facts about CorelDraw for Graphic Design Beginners

Here are important CorelDraw facts that beginners to graphic designing need to know:

  1. CorelDraw has a sketchbook feature that enables the users to get the best results. Sketchbook features new tablet mode, and also a surface book or studio as well as the new surface dial.

When you get your vector down, smart nodes help to edit quick workflow. Each node has a specific appearance depending on the handle or selection type, the size, colors and shape of the editing points are customizable via options.

  1. One fact about CorelDraw is the custom node shapes. This makes shaping objects and curves simple to do by giving a unique shape to each node type, therefore making it easy to spot crisp, smooth and nodes that are symmetrical.

You are also allowed to choose the node shapes that best suit your workflow.

  1. CorelDraw’s new touch-friendly user interface maximizes the size of your drawing window by displaying only the tools and command that are frequently used, and you can also pan and zoom with a single gesture.

Tablet mode support makes it quite easy to make quick adjustment using touch or a stylus.

  1. CorelDraw has been upgraded so you can take advantage of pressure, bearing,tilt, and rotation of your stylus to control a diversity of tools and effects.
    The advanced stylus support and native support for Microsoft surface has made it possible to enjoy more natural drawing experience and achieve a more expressive result.

A redesigned user interface gives immediate access to important controls and the option to choose which stylus properties to leverage.

  1. CorelDraw is said to offer native Microsoft surface dial support on Windows 10. CorelDraw graphics suite 2017 works with Windows 10 and provides native Microsoft surface dial support.

It uses the CorelDraw and Corel PHOTO-PAINT applications in the Suite. This will show you one of the most unique ways to create and collaborate with technology.

  1. CorelDraw Suite fully supports for Microsoft Windows 10 with innovative features that can augment your graphic design experience.

It also supports existing Windows 8.1, and 7. CorelDraw boasts of various compatibility options with the latest file formats, including AI, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, PSD, PDF, DXF, EPS, TIFF, DOCX, and PPT.

  1. CorelDraw supports Multi-monitor viewing and 5k display which enables users to work quickly and efficiently with added control from the windows Real-Time stylus pen compatible tablets.

8. The Corel font manager enables users to explore, handle and organize fonts to satisfy their typeface needs.

It also helps users to manage their typeface and font collection easily. Corel font manager got coverage for every profession that uses fonts daily, including graphic designing, publishing and illustrations, sign making, advertising, and website designing.

  1. The font filtering feature can help users save time. It helps to quickly find specific font you want to use without wasting time searching in multiple folders.

Instead of scroll all the way till you find the point you want, you can do a quick search for what you want and the font list of whatever you have typed will automatically update to show all the fonts that match the search.

  1. Hide and show feature has made management of project easier. The hide and show feature enables CorelDraw users to manage complex projects easily.

You can actually hide specific objects or groups of objects on a layer without hiding the whole layer. This helps to keep the work organized and pleasing to the eyes.

  1. CorelDraw has eliminated the need for sketching and scanning of your drawing. Irrespective of your drawing style, you can always get a straight, curvy or smooth line even if you are a scratchy drawer that uses multiple small strokes to build up longer and bigger line.

In other various apps, you will be left with a number of smaller vector strokes but CorelDraw assembles these multiple strokes and render them to accurate lines.

  1. This program enables you to import legacy workspaces which means you can seamlessly import CorelDraw and Corel PHOTO-PAINT workspace that was developed in version X6, X7 and X8.

You can also download and import some workspace elements and plugins or totally create new UI configuration.

  1. Do you know that CorelDraw features have a Built-in content organizer? You can find a content quickly using Corel CONNECT, the built-in search tool that helps you to search and browse to locate your assets, then organize and group your contents or projects.

14. CorelDraw has proficient web graphics tools. With CorelDraw’s collection of web graphic tools you can develop captivating web content and graphics.

It has features or tools like Pixels mode that shows you exactly how your content will display on an online page, and other tools like Export Dialog box allows you compare file formats before exporting, so you can optimize your settings to achieve the highest file quality.

  1. CorelDraw bears a powerful color management engine. You can control color consistency with different media and create a distinct color palette for each document you are working on.

The color management engine has features like greater color accuracy including support for the latest color profiles from PANTONE.


CorelDraw program has over the years expanded and upgraded to include additional features.

It developed its program to support merging graphics and text, using modern font systems, working with multiple pages and other enhanced editing features.

CorelDraw also went a long way to expand its set of features for converting raster images into vector graphics, making it a good graphic design software choice for beginners in the graphic designing industry.