16 Best Graphic Design Service Companies You Can Learn From

By | June 21, 2020
Best Graphic Design Service Companies You Can Learn From
You can generate ideas to succeed in
your graphic design business by
learning from successful companies.

16 Best Graphic Design Service Companies You Can Learn From

This post provides detailed information on best graphic design service companies you can learn from.

It will help you know what they do, their areas of specialization, and the clients they work for.

You will also get a hint into what makes them the best choices so you can copy and replicate their success in your graphic design business.

One of the ways to keep yourself on your toes and front foot in graphic design is to seek knowledge from people, platforms, and organizations that have made it to the top.

Here are top graphic design service companies you can learn from:

  1. Pentagram
  2. Landor
  3. Meta Design
  4. Happy Cog
  5. The Chase
  6. Pearl Fisher
  7. Charlie Smith Design
  8. Saffron Brand Consultants
  9. Anagrama
  10. Studio Dumbar
  11. Fireart Studio
  12. Spin
  13. House Industries
  14. SocioDesign
  15. Triboro
  16. Only

16 Best Graphic Design Service Companies You Can Learn From

  1. Pentagram

This is widely touted as the world’s largest independently owned graphic design studio.

Its headquarters is located in London with their various studios located at Asutin, Berlin, New York and San Francisco.

The major strength of Pentagram is the variety of the services rendered to their various clients.

It renders all kinds of graphic design services like: naming, packaging, product design, film and motion graphics, brand identity, book design, data visualization, etc.; this remains one of the reasons it will still be around for the foreseeable future.

It has worked with notable clients like Planned Parenthood, Walgreens, Warner Brothers, Windows, Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, The Guggenheim and the United Airlines.

  1. Landor

This is one of the first names that come to mind when you want to talk about branding. This is the area of specialty of Landor.

It is involved in all manners and types of branding you can think of in graphic design.

This company has its headquarters in San Francisco with branches scattered all over North and South America and some places in Asia.

Some of the core services rendered by Landor include: brand engagement, brand identity, brand innovation, interactive and new media, naming and verbal identity etc.

Some of the notable clients to have ever enjoyed the services on Landor include: FedEx, Kellogg’s, Kraft, P&G, PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Apple, Australian Open and BMW.

  1. Meta Design

This company has been making lots of impact for the past 20 years and above, credited with their most notable exploits in the reinvention of Apple’s Mac OS design and collaboration on Adobe’s packaging and identity.

Meta Design really has a global impact.

Brand activation, brand creation, brand experience, and brand strategy are the services rendered by Meta Design. They are predominantly Brand oriented.

Meta Design is headquartered at San Francisco with other locations at New York, Zurich, Beijing, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Lausanne, and Geneva.

The most notable clients to have benefitted from their expertise include: Lacoste, New York Philharmonic, Volkswagen, and Yves Saint Laurent among others.

  1. Happy Cog

Happy Cog offers research, design, and branding, content strategy, digital marketing, project definition, etc.

The variety of services the company renders makes it one to be considered in the graphic design field because of its diversified abilities.

Some of the clients to have worked with Happy Cog include: AMC Theatres, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, MTV, Nintendo, Papa John’s, Zagat, Zappos and Stanford Universities.

The headquarters can be found in New York with a host of branches in various cities in America and beyond.

  1. The Chase

The Chase has been around for over 30 years in the graphic design industry with over 350 National and International awards to its name.

It has its headquarters at Manchester with locations at Preston and London.

The Chase offers architecture, advertising, digital, and film as its major services.

The Chase has worked with a lot of clients which include: Alibaba, BBC, Disney, Fujitsu, Museum of London, Shell, Smirnoff, Yellow pages, Amnesty International and Hewlett Packard.

  1. Pearl Fisher

Pearl Fisher is well driven into creative design with the mindset of creating simpler, lighter, and pleasurable ideas for the future.

With this, you can say basically that Pearl Fisher is into environmental graphic design.

Pearl Fisher has worked with Access Entertainment, Cadbury, Jim Beam, Starbucks, B & O Play, Wolfgang, Puck and Yoplait.

Their services to these clients are well documented.

  1. Charlie Smith Design

This happens to be one of the graphic designers with Pentagram until he founded this service company in 2003 with the headquarters in London in the United Kingdom.

This company is basically into packaging and digital graphic design and can be seen as a force in this type of graphic design.

It offers signage, moving image design, packaging, brand positioning and strategy, print design and digital design.

Some of the notable clients of this company include UNICEF, University of Arts London, Yale, Dragonfly Tea, John Lewis, Louis Vuitton, Phaidon, Royal Academy of Arts, Tato and Terence Woodgate.

  1. Saffron Brand Consultants

This graphic design firm is based in Madrid and helps businesses transform brands and businesses with some clarity on rigorous thinking and bold ideas to implement.

Their basic philosophies include: Create, Grow, Adapt, and Transform. Their operations are tied to these four cardinal points.

Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Alcohol and Drug Foudation, Goldman Sachs, Proximus, YouTube,Rostelecom, The Institute of Cancer Research and V Festival are some of the well-known clients of Saffron Brand Consultants.

  1. Anagrama

This graphic design service company is known as a “brand intelligence group”.

It is an international architecture, branding, and software firm with a notable track record.

The secret of the success of this company lies in its togetherness, creativity, and a workforce geared towards meeting deadlines.

Here, time management is combined with creativity to give clients a good treat.

Infamuse, Redberry, Tequilla Delaluz, Winter Milk and Conarte Library are the major clients of this company.

Some of the major services rendered by Anagram include: Software services, architecture, brand strategy, web design and development, and print and digital design.

The heaquaters is located at Monterrey, Mexico with other locations at Mexico City and Tokyo.

  1. Studio Dumbar

This is sure to be one of the oldest graphic design service companies you can come to terms with.

It has been around since 1977, creating meaningful brands with about 750 active experts doing great things in this organization.

Studio Dumbar specializes in Brand Strategy and Visual identity, not many services but great at what it does.

You can count a whole lot of clients that have benefitted from the impact and competence of Studio Dumbar like: VBMS, Van Gogh Museum, Transavia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, European Design Festival, DEMO Festival, etc.

  1. Fireart Studio

This company based in Warsaw, takes pride in offering diverse graphic design services for all business levels and capacities, ranging from startups to the very world’s leading brands.

It offers a wide range of services which include: brand identity, development, motion design, product design and outstaffing.

Radial Hub, Swipex, Swisscom, WinRAR, MyTaxi, 2Park, Codio, Google and Atlassian are the major services rendered by Fireart Studio.

With Fireart studio, you are sure to get some of the best graphic design treats you can imagine.

  1. Spin

Spin is interested in bringing elegant and pure ideas to a whole lot of sectors like arts, communication, design, electronics, entertainment and broadcast.

It is highly proactive in getting ideas into reality through creative and appealing designs.

Spin specializes on digital, print, and environmental design, which is the basis of its achievements from conception till now.

What it prides itself in is the ability to bring to life ideas that have not been thought of in the graphic world.

Some of the notable clients of Spin include: BBC, Channel 4, Samsung, Deutsche Bank, Crafts Council, Apple, Collect, Ministry of Sound, Nike, Print Magazine, Wired, Simon Pengelly, Hewlett Packard, Proa, Meta, and Google Jigsaw.

  1. House Industries

This could be a strange name to you but nevertheless one of the many giant companies in graphic design.

This is a graphic design company that majors on typography. In fact, Fast Company magazine tagged it “the masters of typography”.

They generate a lot of fonts used for various purposes.

This company has worked with Agent Provocateur, Hermes, Jimmy Kimmel, MTV, The Cher Show, The New Yorker, Design Within Reach, Herman Miller among others.

You can check out this company at Yorklyn, Delaware which is the headquarters.

Their major services center on drawing, font creation, lettering, and painting.

  1. SocioDesign

This is another good graphic design service company that centers it services on Brand identity, digital experiences, and packaging solutions.

This company tends to cater for the different cultural values of different people from different parts of the globe which is reflected in their mode of design.

This has earned them an international recognition as a global fame with the ability to entertain and work with different cultural backgrounds and values round the globe with simple designs.

Capital Magazine, Chaos Fashion, Beau Cacao, Nokia, Rambling Muse, Twice Fashion, Truth Consulting, MatchPint, KAE, Sonos STOR, and Trace magazine are some of the notable clients of SocioDesign.

  1. Triboro

Triboro specializes in publishing, art, music, fashion, lifestyle and cultural aspect of graphic design.

They work with lots of partners and clients who share the same vision and purpose with them.

They make lots of creative, colorful and scintillating designs to help their clients have a good standing and attraction with partners worldwide.

Some of the clients associated with Triboro include: The New York Times, William Rast, Wired, Stella Artois, MoMa, GQ Style Guilde, AIGA, and BLK DNM, among others.

  1. Only

This service company believes in keeping it simple, drawing most of their inspiration from the wants, likes, and attraction of the customers of their clients.

This has let them become well sought after all over the globe with numerous awards accredited to them for their ability to bring customers closer to their clients.

Some of the clients happy to work with them include: University of Suffolk, The British Academy, Sony Music, Design for Europe, Helbers, Onaway, British Interactive Media Association, etc.


When starting a graphic design business, it is necessary to check out the already established companies that are highly successful in the industry.

You will be able to learn their success secrets and gain ideas you can use in your company.

This will surely increase your chances of succeeding in your graphic design business.

One of the lessons you can learn from this article and the companies discussed is that all of them have their major areas of concentration and pay so much attention to giving their very best in them.