17 Best Ways to Make Money with Graphic Design Skills

By | June 9, 2020
Best Ways to Make Money with Graphic Design Skills
There are various ways by which you can make
money with graphic design skills online.

17 Best Ways to Make Money with Graphic Design Skills

This article provides complete information on the most effective ways you can apply your graphic designing skills to make money with it.

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There are two basic questions that come to mind when one chooses to pursue a career in Graphic design – where to learn graphic design and how to make money with it.

The first question is easy to resolve or answer but the second one could linger longer than you can imagine.

This is because, there is a lot of competition in the graphic world that having the skills is not enough.

In addition to your skills, you should know the various ways to sell your skills for money.

Here are some of the best ways to make good money with graphic design skills:

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing to crowdsourcing sites e.g. 99designs, creative market, Graphic River, and Fiverr
  3. Online tutorials
  4. Training classes
  5. Work for a graphic design company
  6. You can be a graphic design consultant
  7. Design and sell good WordPress themes
  8. Write an ebook
  9. Sell logos online
  10. Design templates
  11. Design and sell ebook covers
  12. 3D designs
  13. Party decorations
  14. Design of wall arts
  15. Emoticons, Emoji, and stickers
  16. Be a guest writer
  17. Design ads

17 Best Ways to Make Money with Graphic Design Skills

  1. Blogging

This is an excellent way to make some cool cash with your graphic designing skills.

This is done in combination with good writing skills.

If you are a good graphic designer, you can enhance your chances of making some extra cash online with excellent writing skills.

Owing your own blog and uploading some good content with excellent graphics is sure to get you known beyond your present location.

Now, according to Statista, before the end of the year 2020, bloggers will see a significant rise in the number of visitors from 31.2 to 31.7 million visitors in the US.

This is to tell you that a lot happens online and if your skills are not yet online, then you are missing a lot.

Also, according to Content Marketing Institute, 81% of B2B firms find blogging as an effective marketing tool.

Lastly, according to Hubspot, marketers who do blogging are highly likely to see their profit soar compared to their non-blogging counterparts.

  1. Freelancing to crowdsourcing sites e.g. 99designs, creative market, Graphic River, and Fiverr

This is where you can test new waters and know how good you are in the graphic design field.

This is because the competition is very high with these crowdsourcing sites.

If you are not on top of your game, then it will be difficult to get clients. It is the survival of the fittest.

Crowdsourcing sites are interested in getting individuals with exceptional skills that can render certain freelancing services with utmost excellence.

Here, mediocrity is not celebrated or tolerated.

You must be on top of your game to be given attention here.

However, it is still a good source of income for designers that know their onions.

  1. Online tutorials

This is also another means of making some money online. Online tutorials remain one of the most potent ways of teaching and passing across a lot of information and experience from an expert to a novice.

Since there are many people who would like to start a career in graphic designing, your knowledge and experience provide you with good opportunity to capitalize on that and make money.

You have many platforms that can help you do that e.g. having a YouTube channel, WhatsApp classes, Facebook live classes, and other social media platforms.

  1. Training classes

This is quite similar to the one above, but involves a face to face interaction with the people you are tutoring.

Here, you tutor people and have the opportunity to assess their progress.

This is very potent in making money as more people will be eager to hear you speak live and ask questions, which will be answered immediately.

Online tutorial is good but not as effective as training classes. The only advantage of online tutorials is that you can reach out to more people all at once. It is still your choice to make.

  1. Work for a graphic design company

You can still find a job in any organization that deals on graphics and art.

Though it may deny you a lot of time for your self-development, yet it can get you some decent pay.

There are many organizations that are interested in having people with graphic design skills to work either on part time, full time, or contract basis.

Any of them you will choose will depend on what you are looking for and the plans you have for yourself.

  1. You can be a graphic design consultant

Being a consultant is similar to online tutorial but a bit different.

Being an online consultant is possible when you are known as a household name with a reputable business name.

In other words, you have established your skills as a full blown business.

As a consultant, a lot of people are bound to reach out to you on graphics related issues and you will get paid for that.

But you will need to be excellent in what you do.

  1. Design and sell good WordPress themes

WordPress is one of the most common and efficient website builders in the world today.

As a result, a lot of people develop their websites using this platform.

You can develop customized themes and sell them to web developers who are in need of something different from the themes found on WordPress.

So, you develop mind blowing themes and make your money from them.

  1. Write an ebook

Writing an ebook that contains tutorials on graphic design is sure to fetch you some cool cash, there is no doubt about that.

Just put down your ideas in a way and manner that is easy to understand and practical and watch your income grow.

To write a good ebook on graphic design requires some good writing and presentation skills.

You can show pictures to serve as guides to the reader.

This will help the reader follow through the processes with little or no confusion.

  1. Sell logos online

As new organizations and businesses are been brought into existence almost every year, one of the things they will need is a logo that distinguishes them from their competitors.

That presents you with a golden opportunity to make money.

With your ability to design logos, you can send proposals to organizations on designing wonderful logos for them.

If accepted, you will be smiling to the bank.

  1. Design templates

Templates are good in the graphic world. Templates are used to make expression of what to expect in real life.

As long as there are graphic design projects, templates will always be required.

This is where your creativity comes into play. You can take your time to develop some good templates and sell them to clients online.

The more wonderful your templates are, the more clients that will need your services.

  1. Design and sell ebook covers

If you are not interested in writing ebooks, then you can consider designing and selling ebook covers.

As much as people say that you don’t judge a book by its cover, yet people know the importance of having a book with a cover showing a great graphic design masterpiece.

And so, if you can take your time to design some good ebook covers and sell to interested clients, you have your money guaranteed.

  1. 3D designs

This requires quite a good amount of skills and so is the pay.

3D is one of the latest wonders in the digital world. So anybody working as graphic designer that wants to be in the top spot cannot do without this skill.

As said early, it requires a lot of skills and as such people are on the lookout for people with this skill.

Graphic designers good in 3D are more likely to boost their income far better than those that don’t have this skill.

  1. Party decorations

Fun is part of life and parties are one of the ways people have fun every day.

Parties are organized for different reasons like birthday, wedding reception, house warming party, survival party, etc.

All these are forms of parties where fun is the name of the game.

One of the things that add color to a party is the magnificent designs that can be seen on the wall, stage, and all that.

All those things are highly paid for and graphic designers have a job here.

So, you can consider this also as a means of earning income as a graphic designer.

  1. Design of wall arts

These days, painting of walls is not enough as it may not be all that is needed to bring out the beauty of a house or room as desired by the owner.

This has led to the invention of wall arts. Wall arts add a lot of beauty to a room and could cost some money to do it.

The money it costs goes to both the seller and the graphic designer.

The graphic designer designs while the seller sells. So as a designer, this is another means of income you can consider.

  1. Emoticons, Emoji, and stickers

You are aware of how much fun we derive when we use emoticons, emojis, and stickers.

They do a lot of work, especially in the social media and help make certain expressions available to users which plain text cannot do.

Those emoticons and emojis and stickers are produced by graphic designers and that is another way of making some cool cash, especially if you are working with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Be a guest writer

There are many websites and blogs that teach about graphic design.

The truth is that most of those websites and blogs hire writers who do the write up for them and they get paid.

Here is an opportunity for you to make some cool cash.

You can apply to blog or website owners to partner with them as a guest writer on graphic design related posts or articles.

This is sure to fetch you some good cash.

  1. Design ads

Ads remain one of the potent ways of getting the attention of people both online and in the physical market place.

The more excellent the ad is, the more traffic one can drive to a website.

So, you can decide to work on designing ads for companies to help drive traffic to their websites and social media handles.

If you are good at it, then you can get a good pay.


Graphic design remains and integral aspect of everything we do on daily basis.

This is because graphics speak a thousand words more than what the mouth can express.

Graphic designers are in high demands and as such competition is high too.

If you are seeking for a way to make some cool cash with your graphic design skills, this article has provided you with useful ideas to apply.

However, remember that hard work and consistency matter a lot in each of the points discussed above.