17 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design

By | April 11, 2020
Best YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design
You can find quality tutorials on YouTube for
learning graphic designing.

17 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design

YouTube video tutorials are extremely recommended for most people learning new ideas online. Videos paired with audio or verbal communication makes the understanding and remembering of complicated technique effortless and a lot easier.

So if you are interested in learning graphics design on a YouTube channel, but you don’t know the right channel to select, this article provides you with the best YouTube channel irrespective of your graphics specialization.

Top 17 YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design

  1. Spoon Graphics

Chris Spooner, the owner of the Spoon Graphics YouTube channel, offers various tutorial videos on graphics, especially on Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to help you build your skills in the Adobe Creative Suite.

  1. Free School Graphic Design Tutorial

The Free School Graphic Design Youtube channel has a lot of tutorials for various types of design, including logos and icon design.

Mostly, they focus on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial videos which is scheduled to teach you skills not limited to business card design and web design.

  1. Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham uploads tutorial videos for Illustrator and Photoshop every Tuesday. The tutorials are targeted for all the skill levels in graphic designing, it also goes a long way to teach tips especially for hand letting and typography designs.

It is one of the best channels to help ambitious graphic designers to improve their skills and creativity.

  1. Swerve Tutorials

Swerve tutorials inspire new designers and teach them how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. It provides videos on motion graphics to get your creativity flowing.

If you are interested in motion graphics and you also want to learn how to animate or brand, Swerve Tutorials is the right place for you.

  1. Apple Graphic Studio

Apple Graphic Studio teaches on how to design logos, business cards, banners and so many other graphics related designs.

By joining their channel, with its creative and modern graphics scheme, you can be a perfect graphic designer in no distant time if you have the zeal to learn.

Apple Graphic Studio provides specific video tutorials for designing business cards or posters.

  1. Will Paterson

Will Patterson’s channel gives an in depth and personal perspective pertaining to graphic design. This channel provides you with the latest videos specializing in Logo design and brand identity design.

Will Patterson also shares an insight from his perspective on how to work as a freelance graphics designer.

  1. Pixologic Zbrush

Pixologic develops graphics software tools for graphic design, illustration, videos and games markets.

ZBrush is a graphic application that makes it easier to generate computer graphics. Follow channel below to learn graphics from videos they upload in their channel regularly.

  1. Graphic Tweakz

This channel is owned by Arun Kumar, it provides tutorial videos on how to use Photoshop, illustrator, After Effect, and Cinema 4D to create and animate logo design and other graphics related designs.

  1. Mobox Graphics

Mobox Graphics focuses squarely on 2D and 3D motion graphic tutorials. They give tutorials on After Effects and Cinema 4D.

  1. Kaukab Yaseen

Kdigits provides Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Graphic Design.

They also render services for 3D design, transparent design, logo design, illustration and web design.

Follow the channel below to get tutorials on logo design, web design, and much more.

  1. TastyTuts

TastyTuts is a channel that inspires creative minds that are looking forward to learn graphic design.

They provide video guides on how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to bring imaginative images to physical.

  1. Lincung Studio – Graphic Designer

Lincung Studio provides official video channel for comic designing. Do you want to learn about or how to draw? If you do, then this channel is right for you, it presents tutorial videos for drawing, doodle art, and also for other graphics designing like Photoshop.

  1. Easy After Effects

Easy After Effects offers after effect tutorials in motion graphic design such as filmmaking, VFX, and others.

This is one of the best tutorials on after effect you can find online.

  1. Hafiz How to Design a Logo Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

This channel is owned by Hafiz Tri handoko, a graphic and web designer with lots of experience in graphics designing.

The channel is equipped with Adobe Illustrator tutorial video clips on how to design logos.

Are you keen to know the best channels to be tutored on how to design logos with Adobe Illustrator? If you are, then consider visiting this channel.

  1. Tutorials For Graphics

TjStyle owns this YouTube page and uploads tutorial videos on Adobe after effects, Photoshop, and Premier pro.

Tutorials for graphics compiles pages where you can find tutorials that will increase your knowledge on how to use various graphic software tools.

  1. Matt Borchert

This channel gives you tips on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other design tips, tutorials and information to help you master the art, work faster and create new designs that you couldn’t do before.

  1. PhotoGavin

This channel is run by Garvin Hoey, it focuses on photography and retouching of pictures with Photoshop.

Tutorials are aimed on fine-tuning of photos and digital imaging.

Garvin Hoey is a must watch channel if you want to learn photography and how to retouch your photos and give it a magical look.


YouTube provides opportunity to learn graphic designing by watching the various videos posted by experts with passion to share their knowledge and experience with both established and aspiring graphic designers across the world.

This post provides some of the best channels you can use on YouTube to learn various aspects of graphic designing.