Best 15 Ways to know if Graphic Design Career is for you

By | February 25, 2020
Ways to know if Graphic Design Career is for you.
Being attracted to the way items are packaged
is a pointer that graphic design career might
be for you.

Best 15 Ways to know if Graphic Design Career is for you

Some people are destined to be graphic designers. They have a love for aesthetics, beauty, and creativity. They notice the finer details and they have knack to learn new things about designing.

Pursuing a graphic design career path is a big venture in your future, so the first thing you need to do is know whether it is the right career or direction for you before starting it.

If you love designing to a level that when you are traveling or are on a trip and you are taking note of various designs you see on the way, then it is clear that graphic design might be the right career for you.

Now, here are major ways you can know if graphics designing career is for you:

Top 15 Ways to know if Graphic Design Career is for you

  1. Passion for communicating with others through message relaying images

Many people can draw pretty pictures, but it takes a good graphic designer to connect with people with compelling images.

If you have the ability to create images that motivate people, well, graphic designing is the right career for you.

2. You can identify different font cases, style and personalities

Font style matters a lot. Knowing the right font to use in a given graphic design project is important.

There are so many different types of fonts available, so it is important to find the right font to portray the idea in the design. If you are conversant with typefaces, then you should key into graphics designing.

3. You are aware of aesthetics in everyday life

If you have the ability to put tools in good use to create a good and attractive design bearing in mind the five design principles that create the foundation of design, consider getting a career in graphics designing.

4. You have knowledge of the influence of branding to the mass audience

Branding has an idea behind a product or service that seems to connect and create an instant reaction from the consumers. If you understand the importance of branding, your inner designer is well at work.

5. You have interest for craft practices and handmade designs

If you enjoy crafting practices and showing appreciation for fine handmade finished products, well, you are creative in nature. Be advised that graphics designing may be the best career for you.

6. You can see another meaning in a design others do not see

There might be hidden meaning or messages embedded in the logos that a layman that is not aesthetically inclined might not just find meaning in it.

Just like the Hershey’s Kisses logo has a hidden logo: an extra Kiss. If you turn your head to the left and you will see that between the ‘K’ and the ‘I’ there is a Hershey’s Kiss baked into the logo. Persons that observe such hidden message are graphically inclined.

7. You save designs that inspire

Do you collect your favorite cards and invitations? Do you derive joy in looking at them and you have a feeling you can do a better design? If the above describe you, then they are all signs that you are creative.

8. You download images to check out the recent design

Designers play a significant role in creating captivating digital images. If your phone is full of creative images but can’t bear to delete anyone, this signifies your love for graphics designing.

9. You buy items based on how attractive the packaging is

Do you admire the packaging of an item? Do you buy an item based on how attractive the packaging looks? If you do, then you have a serious appreciation for package design and branding, which means you might make a great graphic designer.

10. You are creative in nature

Creativity is the most important skill for graphic designers. If you always come up with a new innovative design idea, taking up a career in graphics design won’t be a bad idea.

Having a visually creative idea is a vital part in graphic designing.

11. Good communication skill

Communicating and being able to listen attentively to what clients want is a characteristic of graphic designers.

The ability to pay attention to details and listen attentively to clients, ideas, and process feedback, and explain design elements with everyday language makes you fit for the task of a graphics designer.

12. Interest in operation design software

The world has gone digital with the emergence of the new media, just as graphic designing has gone digital also.

Having an interest on how to operate CorelDraw and Adobe creative software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop could be a pointer that you should venture into designing.

13. You are proficient in computer

Computers are majorly used in performing most design concepts and procedures. You will need to be able to operate computer software to execute designs and bring the abstract picture in your mind to reality.

Are you computer literate? If yes, then you are not far from being a graphic designer.

14. Artistic ability

Graphic designers must be able to come up with designs that are artistically interesting and attractive to clients or an audience.

If you have the ability to create rough design ideas, either by hand sketching or by using computer programs, you can consider kicking off your career as a graphic designer.

15. Time-management skills

Graphic designer often work on multiple projects at the same time so as to meet up with different deadlines. Are you good enough in time management? if yes, then you can embrace graphic designing as a career.


If you are interested in the graphic design career, it is a good idea to check if that is the right career for you before getting into it.

This can help fasten your path to success in the career.

This post provides useful tips to apply to know if you are well suited to work and succeed in the graphic designing field.