Brand Graphic Designer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 1, 2020
Brand Graphic Designer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities
Brand Graphic Designers efficiently combine
marketing and graphic design skills to create
awesome visual representation of their company
and its products.

Brand Graphic Designer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post furnishes you with the adequate information on the job description of a Brand Graphic Designer, to enable you understand their roles within an organization.

It informs and educates you on the key duties, tasks and responsibilities that usually make up the brand graphic designer work description in most organizations.

It also highlights the major requirements in the minds of most employers when they employ a brand graphic designer and what roles they will want you to fulfill as their organization’s brand graphic designer.

What Does A Brand Graphic Designer Do?

A brand graphic designer refers to an individual whose profession is to efficiently combine marketing and graphic design to create an effective visual material that represents a company or an organization.

Brand Graphic Designers are particularly responsible for creating visual materials or concepts by hand or with the use of computer software, to effectively communicate ideas about the particular organization or company in a way that inspires, informs, or captivates consumers.

A brand graphic designer is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing and developing the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, and so on.

He is in charge of creating and designing a distinct identity for a product or service, which can, and in most cases, encompass the whole image of a company or organization.

In our very competitive market place, much responsibility is placed on the shoulders of a brand graphic designer.

And he/she efficiently uses colors, illustrations, fonts, and layouts to visually communicate information or present a product or the services of a brand or organization to a targeted audience.

In carrying out his or her duties, a brand graphic designer executes a range of important tasks in his or her daily activities.

Some of these tasks include designing logos, handling product packaging, designing print materials and designing websites, among many other things for a visual identity and publicity in physical environment such as shops and offices, and even social media, and so on.

A brand graphic designer may also be responsible for meeting with clients or the art director to determine the scope of a project and is required to provide assistance and advice to clients on effective strategies to reach a particular or targeted audience.

A Job with Specialized Skills

This job position is for the rightly qualified. And candidates seeking the job position of a brand graphic designer must possess and demonstrate certain skills and qualities that are needed to foster efficiency and productivity in the job role.

Some of the required skills for the position of a brand graphic designer include creativity and innovation, ability to work collectively with communication professionals, clients, and senior staff members.

Also, ability to multitask, good time management skills, adequate knowledge of design software, ability to understand target markets and build innovative strategies to reach and achieve them, precise attention to detail, among several other skills required.

In terms of academic qualifications, the position of a brand graphic designer demands that an ideal candidate must have acquired at least a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

However, a Master’s degree, a profound knowledge of design software, and training in marketing are often preferred by most employers.

Averagely, the salary for a brand graphic designer is pegged at $48,019 annually.

Brand Graphic Designer Job Description and Example/Sample/Template

Clearly listed below are the core duties, tasks and responsibilities that commonly make up the brand graphic designer job description:

  • Creating and assembling images and graphic to produce quality designs for websites, print media, product design, displays and production, and several others
  • Overseeing and managing market designs projects
  • Developing and designing a product brand identity
  • Incorporating changes recommended by clients into the final stage of the design
  • Reviewing designs for any kind of error before printing or publishing them
  • Creating images and contents that identify a brand, product or service that conveys a message.

Brand Graphic Designer Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume, and have previously worked as a brand graphic designer in an organization or are currently working in that role, you can boost the effectiveness of your resume and make it stand out by adding a professional or work experience section to it.

Use this section to effectively spell out the experience you have had or presently having as a brand graphic designer, highlighting the duties and responsibilities you performed.

This added information puts you in a better position of being called up for an interview, having arrested the employer’s attention.

You can create a great professional experience section for your resume by applying the brand graphic designer job description sample above.

Brand Graphic Designer Requirements- Skills, Knowledge and Abilities to Build a Successful Career

To be employed as a brand graphic designer, some of the skills and qualifications required include:

  • Analytical skills: A brand graphic designer must be able to examine his or her work from the perspective of clients and examine how the developed designs will be perceived by consumers to ensure that the client’s desired message is well-conveyed
  • The artistic ability that enables a brand graphic designer to develop artistically interesting designs that appeal to consumers and clients
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills, as he or she must be able to communicate with clients, consumers and other designers
  • Time-management skills: Graphic designers often work on multiple projects at the same time with each one having a different deadline
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and profound knowledge of design software and training in marketing.


If you have a target to build a career as a brand graphic designer, this post will serve as proper information to help you know the requirements and the role.

This post will also be helpful, if you are a recruiter seeking to make a detailed and accurate brand graphic designer description to attract the best candidates when hiring.