Top 10 Graphic Designers Who Make Most Money

By | November 5, 2020
Top 10 Graphic Designers Who Make Most Money
User Experience designers are
part of the graphic designers
who make lots of money.

Top 10 Graphic Designers Who Make Most Money

Graphic designing encompasses numerous sub divisions like advertising, marketing, and tech.

We have researched the various types of graphic designers who make the most money and came up with our top list to guide you in making a choice for your graphic designing career.

All categories of graphic designers, both beginners and professionals will find this article helpful in learning where the money is in the graphic designing industry.

10 Graphic Designers Who Make Most Money

  1. Exhibition designer
  2. Web Designers
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Multimedia Designer
  5. Video game designer
  6. Art Director
  7. Senior Designer
  8. UI Designer
  9. UX Designer
  10. Creative Director.
  1. Exhibition designer

Exhibition designers are creative individuals behind the fixtures and displays at museums, conferences, galleries, and trade shows. They are responsible for exhibition of arts and catalogues.

As an exhibit designer, you could be earning an average yearly salary of $57,600.

  1. Web designer

A web designer is someone who is visually creative and has profound ability in coding and technicalities; they use their skills and abilities to build, design, or refurbish a website.

In the digital age, web designers are needed to help create and build websites and social media platforms.

Almost all organization and business establishments have recognized websites used to reach out to the public. These websites are developed by web designers.

Depending on your geographical location, as a web designer you have a good chance of making above average pay. On average web designers make about $80,000 to 60,000 a year.

  1. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are one of the most paid designers. Graphic design jobs are vast; designers create brands, logos, and other designs; they build images and design illustrations for advertisements. In other words they tend to earn more.

Graphic designers based in San Francisco earn an estimated bill of $67,000 per annum. Companies like Goodby Silverstein and Partners and Airbnb pay graphic designers more, so graphic designer earn when they work for companies.

  1. Multimedia designer

Multimedia designers are the creators of advertisement trends, informational videos, and other types of multimedia contents online or television.

With the use of text, audio, animation, photography, multimedia designers create impactful informational content.

Multimedia designers are valuable merchants to advertisers, television media and other businesses that require visual content display.

They can find well-paid jobs with TV and film companies, as well as in the advertising, PR, and video game industry.

Professional multimedia designers earn average income of $56,000- 70,000 yearly.

  1. Video game designer

Video game designers are storyline creators, programmers, and visual artists. They are responsible for creating and drawing up video game concepts based on 2D or 3D graphic design, and then bringing this concept to reality.

They develop plots and characters and create the user interface and input codes and script to generate interactive gameplay elements for gamers to control the elements.

Video game programmers are one of the highest paid graphic designers in the industry. The average yearly salary of a video game programmer is about $86,510 for extreme workload and various gaming software programs.

  1. Art director

Art directors are visually in every field of graphic designing. They cover multiple specialties and tasks.

Art directors are responsible for inspecting the overall visual content of an advertising or media campaign and they coordinate the work of other subordinate artists or design staff, such as graphic designers.

Art directors are in demand; they can be employed by high paying companies like Microsoft, Apple, Walt Disney Company and other firms that utilize visual graphics.

Professional and educated art directors earn the average of $115,000 yearly.

  1. Senior designer

Senior designers are professionals with wide range of experience and knowledge about conception, planning, execution, and leading a particular design project.

Most graphic designers become senior designers by working their way up through experience they attained previously.

Companies in San Jose, like IBM, Google, and Apple pay senior designers a yearly income of about $109,000.

A senior designer is one of the highest paid professionals in the industry; they are paid immensely to coordinate a design project.

  1. UI designer

UI Designers are valuable when it comes to creation of a digital page layout of an online platform. Expert UI designers must have a keen eye for good design in order to design a unique user interface where users can easily interact with the visual product interface.

User Interface designing is a sub-set of User Experience (UX) designing.

UI designers are on list of highest paid graphic designers, they are paid about $65,000- $88,434 per year on average.

  1. UX designer

User Experience (UX) designers are essentially responsible for enhancing customer satisfaction by ensuring the sites are navigational and understandable.

They consider how a user will interact with the interface of the site.

UX designers are expected to have a yearly average salary of $104,000. Companies like Amazon, Verizon, Pearson and eBay pay UX designers well.

  1. Creative director

A creative director focuses on promoting a brand image and presence. If you have the proper experience and education, being an expert creative director will definitely fill your bank account extremely.

Creative Directors make the average sum of $90,000 -$180,000 per annum.

High profile companies like Harvard Business Publishing, DigitaLBI, LinkedIn and Apple can’t do without creative directors and they pay them highly per year.


Graphic design is one of the most trending, fast moving, and practical fields to work in which is absolutely financially rewarding.

Designs are everywhere and in everything we use including the books we read, the clothes we wear, the apps we use, as well as the phone interface.

No matter your area of specialization in graphic designing, if you can deliver your work professionally, you will always be able to make a reasonable income.