Top 14 Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Fast

By | October 29, 2020
Top 14 Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Fast
By learning graphic designing, you can
profit from the massive global application
of internet and mobile technologies.

Top 14 Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Fast

If you are someone with a creative mind with an eye for details, you can actually start making money with those qualities by learning graphic designing.

Graphic designing has even become more lucrative with the explosion of the internet and mobile technology.

Individuals and businesses of various types now need to develop graphic materials to keep their presence noticeable online, on various social media platforms and websites.

So, if you are looking for how to learn graphic designing fast to join in the design “gold rush” that is currently happening online, this post gives the solution.

Top 14 Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Fast

  1. Get a graphic and art design teacher
  2. Study the graphic design theories
  3. Acquire vector illustration software and master basic software in graphic designing
  4. Assess a logo gallery or any design inspirational books
  5. Reproduce your favorite work
  6. Creating your own artwork
  7. Learn a particular specialty
  8. Get reliable resources for graphic design information
  9. Get feedback
  10. Get an internship
  11. Take online courses
  12. Make use of a sketchbook to draft designs
  13. Watching tutorial videos on Youtube
  14. Develop your love for aesthetics.
  1. Get a graphic and art design teacher

Graphic design teachers provide the aspiring designers with the necessary education and knowledge to turn their skill into productive use. Getting a graphic design instructor or coach can help boost and speed up your learning in graphic design.

  1. Study the graphic design theories

You need to study the theory behind graphic designing to truly understand its concept. You need to know the rules for great designs and how to apply these rules.

Graphic design theories cover a lot of design principles, including balance, proportion, scale, color, and contrast.

Studying the graphic design theories and learning how to apply them will help you have the foundational knowledge that will aid you to hone your skills in the field and learn faster.

  1. Acquire vector illustration software and master basic software in graphic designing

To speed up your learning in graphic designing, you need to acquire a computer and basic design software like Photoshop, Inkscape, Corel draw, and GIMP and start practicing on the software interface with shapes and simple designs.

You can ask for guidance from your coach if you encounter any problem, pay close attention to your coach when they are operating the software in other to learn the basics of the software.

  1. Assess a logo gallery or any design inspirational books

Inspirational design books are instructional books that provide the uses of design contents like style, format, design, and detailed procedures on how to apply these contents and elements to create an attractive design.

Inspirational books also share the ideas of various successful graphic designers in the field.

Coming in contact with logo gallery will also aid you to come up with ideas and insight on how to design your logos.

The best design books have the power to bring new thoughts, inspiration and ideas to spark up your thinking ability.

  1. Reproduce your favorite work

You can reproduce your favorite collected designs; you can unite the different concepts of the designs to produce your own design out of them.

You will always learn new things and different concepts of design while reproducing other designs; it will improve your knowledge and enable you to grab different concepts in the process of designing.

  1. Creating your own artwork

Apart from reproducing your favorite work, you can also learn graphic designing faster by creating your own original designs or artwork.

Creating your own designs will improve your creative ability and help you learn faster when you brainstorm.

  1. Learn a particular specialty

Focusing on a particular design specialty can help you learn the particular graphic designing faster. Choose a specific graphic design career that you can perform better in.

You can narrow yourself on a particular topic and learn everything about it. Focusing on learning one design specialty makes you understand it faster and better without the complication that may arise if you are trying to learn several aspects of graphic designing at the same time.

You will need to have some background information, advice, and self-assessment to decide what area of graphic design you would like to specialize in.

  1. Get reliable resources for graphic design information

You can learn graphic designing faster by finding reliable resources for graphics design information.

There are various websites that offer reliable graphic design resources, not every resource online however correct.

While sorting for resources that will help you learn faster, consider checking out online resources from Udemy, Alison online, Freepik, and of course on this site.

These platforms strive hard to offer you the best information you can trust, to help you grow faster in the graphic design field.

  1. Get feedback

Getting feedbacks can help you learn faster when you accept constructive criticism and take corrections.

Getting feedbacks from professional designers helps you know if you are doing things right or not, if not you can make amends concerning the project. This helps you to improve and learn more.

  1. Get an internship

Getting an internship is one of the major ways to learn graphic designing quickly. Working or learning under an expert designer will show you the day to day activities of experienced graphic designers.

You can learn directly from them by observing them working. This will help you gain graphic designing experience and knowledge faster.

  1. Take online courses

There are various online courses that can help you to master graphic designing skills quickly. Some are short online courses that deliver the vital information and knowledge you need to be able to communicate through images, typography, and other design elements.

  1. Make use of a sketchbook to draft designs

You can get a sketchbook where you can free handily design images, and work on your creative skills before attempting it with a design software.

Sketchbooks improve your creativity and help you learn faster as you practice often, and to sketch creative designs that cross your mind.

  1. Watching tutorial videos on Youtube

Watching YouTube video tutorials is extremely essential for most beginners in graphic designing who want to fasten their learning rate.

Visual and audio communication is the best form of communication; it makes understanding of graphic design lessons easier.

  1. Develop your love for aesthetics

As a beginner in graphic design career, you need to develop your love for aesthetics. In other to learn fast and be able to design creatively you need to have an eye for aesthetics and observe different things in life from different perspectives.


Design is a reiterative process, the more you work, the faster you learn, so keep rehearsing and reworking on your ideas and projects.
Continuous attempt and practice of what you studied or experienced is the ultimate way to learn faster.

As you progress, you will develop your skill and workflow and one day that design that took you couple of days to complete will now take you less than an hour to finish.