Top 16 Things Graphic Designers Do in Achieving Project Goals

By | April 11, 2020
Things Graphic Designers Do
Graphic designers present various design concepts
for clients to help them make the best decision.

Top 16 Things Graphic Designers Do in Achieving Project Goals

This post provides detailed information on what graphic designers do, highlighting the daily activities that usually make up their job description.

Graphic designers can also be called communication designers because they communicate visual ideas through the use of software tools in digital devices or hand crafts to capture and share mutual information to consumers through physical (hand crafts) and virtual (digital) arts forms that involve graphics images and words.

Graphic designers are involved in many tasks; they combine arts and technology and use different design elements to produce artistic effects.

This article shares light on the activities graphics designers are commonly engaged in daily in achieving their project goals.

Top 16 Things Graphic Designers Do in Achieving Project Goals

  1. They meet with clients or liaise with the art director to determine the nature of a project

Graphic designers must meet and communicate effectively with clients and think of a unique design that denotes the desired message, and effectively convey information the client wants to pass across to the consumers.

And they communicate with the internal and external stakeholders on current progress made on a project they are working on, and also notify them on any issues that arises.

  1. They review designs for errors before availing it the clients

Graphic designing is a demanding task that involves a lot of things such as researching on the nature of the company you want to design a concept for and making sure the concept depicts the company’s brand message.

Errors made in designs such as business ID/cards, logos, website can affect the company’s image and prospect.

So, it is the duty of the graphics designer to check the clarity of the design and to provide the design with the correct and necessary information.

Graphic designers make sure that the artwork is perfect before supplying to the client.

  1. They apply changes recommended by clients or art director into final designs

Some clients may want you to match all the samples from all the concepts you have presented and some will want you to come up with new concept if the sample doesn’t suit their taste.

As a designer, it’s part of the job to do design amendments and always keep in mind the scheduled time for submission and budget.

You should make sure you adhere to the client’s brand identity and guidelines.

  1. They create visual elements such as original images, logos, and illustrations that deliver the client’s desired message

A logo is a key aspect of brand identity, using images, text, lines and colors; it represents the visual expression of an organization’s value or message.

Graphic designers create pictures used for illustrations as a means to convey the desired message.

  1. They create or make decisions on the illustration of the message the design should portray

The ability to design attractive visuals and images that are easily comprehended without a lot of thinking is crucial in graphics designing.

Designers brainstorms on how to pass a message through an illustration or design.

They determine the color, size, images, font, headings, and text that best portray the message.

  1. Work closely with people in advertising and promotions to know the concept the design will bear

In collaboration with the advertising team, graphic designers use an identified media to communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and promotion of the brand.

Graphic design is an important part of selling and marketing of products, and is also a crucial aspect of logos and brochures.

  1. Create designs that are artistically appealing

Graphics designers create appealing images so as to attract the attention of consumers. All the products with labels are graphically designed, but what distinguish a product from another are the different unique brand designs.

Most products sell because of their attractive designs; they create the design used in packaging of retail products, so it is the graphics designer’s duty to create a unique product so as to attract consumers.

  1. They are involved in web designing

Graphics designers design, create, and place designed contents on a web page, such as logos and images, layouts, graphics, and pages.

They create and can also edit images that are used for website layout. They edit the web content by color editing, resizing images, and ensuring that the aspect ratio of the images aligns with the format for mobile view and desktop web page.

  1. They design layouts and pick colors, images, and font to use

Graphic designers work at print, advertising, and marketing companies and other business establishments.

Selection of images, fonts, and designing layouts for advertisements, brochures, magazines, annual reports, and other projects are part of their duties.

  1. Team up with other departments like photographer, copywriters, and printers to ensure materials are printed to the topmost quality.

Usually, graphic designers that work in a print company must liaise with photographers to ensure quality images are being captured in the right resolution.

They work with printers to ensure quality printouts, and also team up or commission illustrators, copywriters, stylists, other creative designers for the best design output.

They work with external departments to distribute the concepts and visuals to other internal and external marketing-related bodies, so as for them to understand the nature of the project before carryout their duties.

  1. Present design concepts to clients

They have a keen and aesthetic eye and a creative approach to problem solving, as well as skills to design images and present them to clients; and they think of new approaches of communicating ideas to consumers.

  1. Work with various media houses

A media graphics designer maintains and creates an impressive look of a product or the media images.

Some graphic designers work in media house as a temporal or permanent staff to design the bills, the business card, flyers, and page layout of a media magazine, including design type fonts and other images.

The motion graphics and illustrations you see during news casting are also done by graphic designers working in the media.

Almost all the activities of a media house revolve round the graphics designer. They ensure the format, sizes, and color system are correct before sending it to the press, production, or printing facilities.

  1. Learn how to use a new software or program and keeping up to date with emerging trends and technologies

Graphics designers should always learn how to operate new software and keep up with the revolving trends and technologies so as to deliver new concepts and ideas to clients, and to maintain their value and worthiness in the industry.

They maintain technical knowledge by attending workshops targeted for graphics designers, reading books on graphics designing, and following or keeping up with trends by making research about new graphics concepts.

  1. Graphics designers use digital photo editing software to create designs

The Adobe Creative Suite and CorelDraw are among the most widely used graphic software tools among designer.

Graphics designers use Adobe’s creative software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and other graphics software tools to create designs for clients.

  1. Inspect and ensure that the designing tools and gadgets are in good condition

Graphic designers make sure the devices used in the process of carrying out their tasks are in good shape.

They ensure they complete the preventive and maintenance requirements of their devices, as well as troubleshooting malfunctions and adhering to manufacturer’s instructions.

They also put calls for repairs or servicing of gadgets or devices to technicians and assess new equipment to make sure they are working perfectly well.

  1. Work on multiple designs at the same time

Graphic designers multitask and juggle different projects simultaneously in other to meet up with a fixed deadline.

They have strong time management skill to work on multiple projects at once without errors.


You will find this post helpful if you are an individual interested in the graphic designing career that wants to learn what the job entails.

Graphic designers perform various functions depending on the client’s brief or the employer they work for, the ones provided on this page is to give you an idea of what they do.