10 Best Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Yourself Online

By | February 19, 2020
Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Yourself Online.
You can start your path into graphic design career
by learning online.

10 Best Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Yourself Online

This post provides exhaustive information on how to learn graphic designing yourself online and start generating income as soon as possible.

Graphic designing is a valuable skill to have as you can find jobs with it all over the place, including having the opportunity to work online for clients in various regions of the world.

And the beautify thing about graphic designing is that you can get into the career by learning about it and developing the necessary skills you need to start getting jobs online in the comfort of your home and at your convenient time.

So, if you are ready to know how to develop graphic design skills online, here they are:

10 Best Ways to Learn Graphic Designing Yourself Online

  1. Surfing the Internet to Get a Reliable Sources for Graphic Design Information

There are lots of theories behind graphics designing which goes beyond practical.

There are several websites that provide graphic design resources and information needed to have necessary background knowledge on the graphics field.

Do know that some information online are gibberish, therefore, it is important to perform an investigation on the various sites which give you a heads up to find the best online resources.

Sites like Flaticon and Unsplash aim at bringing you reliable information from trusted sources.

It is important to use a trustworthy source of any information that you get online.

Sourcing and studying graphics materials online at the comfort of your home is one of the best ways to learn graphics.

2. Recognize the Principles and Theory of Graphic Design

Being able to comprehend the principles of graphic design is a basic aspect in learning graphics.

There are a few graphic design principles that dominate every design you will create.

Comprehending these principles theoretically and learning to apply them practically in required project will strengthen the foundation of your graphic design career.

3. Getting an Online Class

Series of online courses help in the mastery of graphic skills and honing of your graphics talent.

After due completion of these courses, you will be able to communicate through images and typography, complete a vertex project to add to your professional portfolio, gain the basic skills needed to be a graphic designer.

Learn everything you need to know to work in the designing frame.

4. Participating in Online and Professional Graphic Design Communities and Conferences

Participating in online graphic design community, professional associations and conferences will boost your knowledge and connections in the industry.

Attending conferences and network via online is another way to learn graphics.

5. Being Proficient in Computer

Drawing skills on paper has been a necessity in order to be a graphic designer. Today, the case is different.

Computers have taken over majority of the design procedures and concepts. You will need to be able to operate SOME computer software to execute designs and bring the abstract picture in your mind to reality.

Being a computer literate is a stepping stone to becoming a graphic designer.

6. Building a Basic Foundation in the Elements of Design

To build a foundation on typography, color, and layout, you need to practice, sketch, paint, space and craft letters on a paper so as to have a overview of what you will design when you are faced with a designing interface.

7. Exploring the Design Process to Picture Compelling Ideas

Brainstorming on different designing concepts and exploring previous works of contemporary professional graphic designers online is also one way of learning graphic designing online.

Constant practice and repetition will begin to sink various designing concepts into the memory of your fingertips which also opens your designing intellectual abilities, which enables you to transform abstract and compelling images in the mind to reality and before you know it you will actually see a unique creative and coloring improvement in your designing abilities.

8. Mastering and Practicing with Hands on Exercises in Illustrator, Photoshop and other Designing Software

Figuring out how to use CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Xara, PaintShop, and other designing software will be of huge help if you want to learn graphic designing.

You can use it to create graphics for your websites and for other platforms.

There are various Photoshop tutorials online that can show you the procedures and teach you how-to from beginner’s level all the way up to being expert.

All you need to do is to sit comfortably on your sofa and learn. Once you learn the basics, you can advance more in Photoshop tutorials.

9. Putting Up Your Designs Online to Receive Criticism and Feedbacks

Commentaries, reviews, and critique are essential for the growth of your graphic designing career.

As you are not in a design school, you need to find platforms or avenues to reach to professional designers that will scrutinize your work, so as to strengthen your critical designing abilities.

It is important for a young designer to have someone to assess their work and notify them if something they made is not well designed.

10. Diversifying Your Skills before Choosing a Niche

It is essential to be skilled in all facets of graphic design, however, having a definite niche in an aspect of graphics is important.

By choosing a niche, you will be dedicated to a particular topic or an aspect of graphics; you will learn everything about it.

You will need to assess the area of graphics you can carry out perfectly using reviews from people and your inner thoughts.

You need to have some information to decide on the aspect of graphic designing you would like to specialize in.


If you are interested in getting into the graphic designing career, you go simply do so from the comfort of your home online.

This post shows you the various ways online that you can take to achieve your goal of being a graphic designer.