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The Xara Designer Pro X software is specially made to help you create graphics and illustrations exactly the way you want and use a diverse set of tools to give them an expert, custom touch.

Xara Designer Pro is the ultimate collection of tools for creating awesome designs; it combines the best illustration, desktop publishing, graphic and web design, and photo editing tools in a single compact workspace.

What to Expect Working with Xara Designer Pro

  • Vector graphics

The powerful drawing tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and curves using vectors and adjust scale without loss of quality.

Your pictures look sharp right down to the finest detail. This is perfect for when you need graphics in various sizes for different uses!

  • Essential effects

Intuitively create exciting effects like transparency, outlines and gradients to give your graphics and illustrations a special touch.

  • Get artistic with brushes

Discover a massive collection of art brushes in the Xara Design Pro and start drawing creative lines; create an awesome work of art from every one of your images.

Adaptable shapes Start with any shape and transform it into a custom design element for your graphics and illustrations.

  • Worth a million: The Online Content Catalog

Xara Designer Pro provides over 1 million freely available stock photos, illustrations, graphics, and SmartShapes that you can easily access and use at any time, making it one of the industry’s biggest Online Content Catalog.

  • SmartShapes

Discover more than 900 SmartShapes in Xara Designer Pro, including the new and enhanced tables.

  • Stock photos

Also included in the Xara Designer Pro package is a huge selection of agency photos you can pick from in completing your project.

  • Graphics & illustrations

Access a fantastic collection of graphic designs and illustrations.

  • Web design

Creating a website has never been so easy: Select your favorite template, apply your own images and text – that’s all there is to it!

See more features and learn about why this amazing software is best for you: Xara Designer Pro

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