15 Best Forums for Graphics Designers

By | April 28, 2020
Best Forums for Graphics Designers.
Joining a graphic designers’ forum is helpful
to designers in learning a lot of new stuff.

15 Best Forums for Graphics Designers

As a graphic designer or artist, joining a forum of fellow designers is a great way to learn more about your craft and the industry.

At the forum, you will get to know other designers, get answers for your questions, and learn about the latest as regards graphics designs, and you can also get others to critique your work.

One way to benefit immensely from a forum is to be an active member in the community; doing so means helping other members with their questions and delivering valuable posts.

That way, you can then promote your brand and get word about you out there.

For your valuable contributions, many forums would permit you to leave a link back to your website or portfolio.

You want to follow the rules of the forum since many frown at spamming and won’t hesitate to ban you.

Don’t join a forum if you have no intention of growing with the community.

Many forums come with categories; the category influences the environment, layout, and rules.

As a person looking to join a forum, you should explore your options carefully and see what works with you best.

That said, here are graphic design forums you want to consider joining right away:

15 Best Graphic Design Forums to Join

  1. Graphic Design Forum (GDF)

GDF is one of the leading graphic design forums online. It is among the oldest since it has been around for some time, it boasts of over 20k members.

The forum has very active members and you have a range of categories to choose from.

  1. HOWDesign

The HOWDesign is another useful forum where you can display your jobs for the community to critique.

As you gather helpful feedback from fellow designers, you get better at your craft. The HOWDesign community has a business and freelance unit that is very active.

You can choose where you want to belong since you will get a lot of value.

  1. Estetica

Estetica is another graphics designer forum, but it is not as rigid as other platforms, there is a lot of socialising and chatting on the forum than serious learning and knowledge acquisition.

If you are interested in meeting and chatting with people of similar interest, then this forum will work for you.

Members are free to chat about off topics and for any length for that matter.

The forum also conducts business with customers and clients.

One amazing feature in this community is the immense information available to members as regards developments in graphic designing.

  1. Graphic Design

One tremendously active graphics design forum is the Graphic Design forums; it is one community that has been around for some time.

Members are free to interact about all types of design related issues and news.

The community boasts of a pre-press unit that provides a guide for performing different tasks for designers.

  1. Design Forum

Design Forum is one of the standard design forums around. It is more or less dedicated to the UK audience, but that does not mean its members from other countries are not welcomed.

In fact, membership span across the world. As at last count, membership is over 10,000 and still counting.

The community has a huge amount of useful information that can be of great benefit to a graphics designer.

  1. Designership

This community is more or less geared towards sharing, learning, and growing in the industry.

Here, experts provide the tips, tipoffs, and tricks that come with the terrain. The community is for all level – beginners, intermediates, and experts.

  1. Dribbble

This is one community where designers can learn, grow, and share their works and even hope to get hired.

This forum was founded in 2009 and is open to all levels of designers, as a member you can expect to show your projects, grow your portfolio, and connect with others.

  1. Graphic Design Stack Exchange

Stack Overflow is one of the most trusted communities people go to for how to solutions, especially when it comes to coding problems, but the forum has a dedicated section for graphic designers.

Here, students, enthusiasts, and graphic designers to get answers for their questions. As a member of this forum you enjoy a rich network that is active and supportive.

  1. Behance

Behance is a large social media platform that is owned by Adobe where members get a platform to display their works and be discovered.

The community enjoys a large membership base of over 10 million members; there are registered and unregistered users on the platform.

If you see a project you like, you can show that by tapping the like button, but only members can follow others on the network.

Like other forums, many brands come here for their design needs.

  1. TalkGraphics

This is a community of graphics designers with membership base of over 30,000. Here, members can get their questions answered as well as suggestions and support from other graphics design professionals.

The community enjoy active membership participation.

  1. DesignContest

This is a company that creates a platform for designers to hangout, improve their craft, share ideas, and even be a part of friendly contest organized by the company.

The forum is active with over 150, 000 members. You will find tutorials, resources, and the latest about everything about the design industry.

  1. ConceptArt Forum

This is a foundation that is a home for artist and designers. It is a place where artists and graphics designers can learn intensively, share, improve, and succeed as a professional.

  1. PhotoshopGurus

Photoshop Gurus is a large community of graphic designers of all skill levels, where members share ideas and stay up to date on everything graphics design, including software, trends, news etc.

The forum has a membership that is over 38,000 persons.

Members can not only learn to improve their craft, but also take part in challenges that are conducted regularly.

  1. CorelDraw Community

CorelDraw Community is a place where graphic designers who use CorelDraw products for design collect to share ideas and learn from each other.

The community is a place for valuable information, tricks, and resources.

Members can like and rate other members work and even participate in context.

  1. Graphic Designers Group

This is one active community on Facebook; the membership base is over 50,000 with graphics designers from around the world sharing their artwork, project, work, tips, and ideas freely with fellow members.


By being active in a forum for graphic designers, you will be able to get ideas you can use in learning valuable designing skills that will enable you to advance your career.

This post provides some of the best forums you can be part of that can be really beneficial to your career as a graphic artist or designer.