14 Best Online Graphic Design Courses You Can Take

By | April 28, 2020
Best Online Graphic Design Courses You Can Take.
You can learn a lot and develop your graphic
designing career by taking online courses.

14 Best Online Graphic Design Courses You Can Take

One of the best things that the internet has offered to us is online courses. You can study at home and become a professional graphics designer or artist by just registering in an online platform that teaches graphics designing.

There are many unprofessional design courses online with lots of jargons that tend to limit your skills in graphics designing if you study with them.

In this article, we have separated the bad eggs from the good ones by researching on the best online graphic design courses you can key into to learn graphics designing from experts with professional background.

Top 14 Online Graphic Design Courses You Can Take

  1. Coursera: Fundamentals of Creative Design

The Fundamentals of Creative Design from California Institute of Arts covers the basis of typography, shape, color and other fundamental aspects of graphics designing.

With the aid of video lessons, readings, and test exercises, they teach participates and issue them certificate after completion of the course.

  1. Alison Online: Visual and Graphic Design

The Alison online graphic course guides you on the various visual and graphic design processes, basic principles and fundamentals of graphic design.

During and after this course, you will know the importance of the various design elements, including lines, textures, forms and shapes.

After a successful completion of this course, you will be conversant with the fundamentals of graphic design.

  1. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

Udemy offers one of the best courses for beginners, which is “Introduction to Graphic Design”. They offer this course with the aim of making beginners a professional graphics designer.

Udemy offers free graphics courses that include various design processes, principles of design, and basic elements of design.

Udemy equips participants with knowledge and educate them on what it takes to become the best graphics designer around.

Udemy rates the quality of classes and students thereby, promoting competition which makes the students work hard so as to get good rating.

  1. Canva Design School: How to build your branding guidelines from scratch

“How to build your branding guidelines from scratch” is a course provided by Canva that covers topics on how to create or design a logo, refine images and others.

This course provides a visual style guide on how to create your logo putting in consideration of the size and placement of the logo, the choice of color and fonts that align with your unique brand; and the iconography and typography that reflect your brand, as well as the information you are passing across.

  1. Applying Design Principles

This course gives a complete guide on the various design concepts for graphic design for beginners and existing designers that want to brush up their knowledge on graphics designing.

You will acquire knowledge on the significance of contrast and hierarchy in your designs, and a practical video on how to apply these principles will be provided.

This course also provides guidelines on how to apply the various principles and concepts of color, shapes, tones, and points in your design.

  1. Skillshare: Brand Identity Design: How to Design Brands People Care About

This online graphics design course instructs you on the steps to create a mind blowing design starting from the scratch, adopting different strategies and creating a visual appealing image.

Alex Center is an experienced instructor that takes up various courses like logo design, Photoshop, and illustrations, and he goes all the way to explain the complicated procedures into easy steps you can introduce to your design to add more in-depth framework to your projects.

  1. After Effects CC: Complete Course from Novice to Expert

This course is one of the best that teaches Adobe After Effects CC Courses. This course gives instructions on how to learn all of Adobe After Effects in a different approaches as you’re designing.

Louay Zambarakji is the instructor that will teach you how to become an Adobe After Effect expert by using more than 20 practical approaches.

  1. Learn and become a Professional in 2D Game Asset Graphic Design in Photoshop

Jaysen Batchelor is the instructor that will carry you along in this program to make you become a professional game designer in Photoshop.

You will learn designing and programming of gaming applications and software. It helps you understand the basics of drawing and coloring game arts.

You need a computer system with installed photoshop software and a mouse for easy navigation to different angles.

  1. GIMP Beginner – Advanced: Free Photoshop like Graphic Design

Brian Jackson hosts this online graphics course for beginners to advanced level designers that have interest in learning GIMP.

This program offers graphics sources for all levels of graphics specialties; it tutors on everything about GIMP, starting from photo touch up to book cover design.

Brian will teach you how to run GIMP, make logos, design web page, create graphics designs for social media, and 2D or 3D book cover designs.

  1. Illustrator CC 2018 MasterClass (Udemy)

The instructor of this program is a five star rated and certified expert in Abode Design Master by the name Martin Perhiniak.

Martin has been teaching several Adobe applications for many years in an online platform and workshops globally.

He has partnered with Warner Brothers, Disney, Cartoon Network, and DC comics. He has the motive to impact knowledge and skills to graphics enthusiasts and skills to make you a professional and master of Adobe Illustrator CD with theoretical and practical scheme.

  1. Duke Graphic Design Principles Index

Duke Graphics Design Principle Index is a program hosted in Duke University in North Carolina which organizes a resource program that covers all the basic design principles.

It provides the participants with documents of different chapters that give desirable insight to different aspects of graphics design.

They include but not limited to how to use color, type and how to maintain visual consistency.

The courses function as a mini-class structured in form of chapters.

  1. Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

This course has duo instructors Louise Sandhaus and Lorraine Wild from the Institute of the Arts California.

This program is designated for beginners and participants who wants to learn about the history of visual communication.

The course teaches about the history of graphics design and how it started gaining recognition in our today’s life.

It also explains how to tackle different design problem during work.

  1. Graphic Design History: An Introduction

Brockett Horne and Ellen Lupton are the authors and prominent instructor at the faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

The 7 session tutorials and adaptive course is aimed towards beginners.

The course explains the history of graphic designers and how graphic designing evolved as a principle and discipline and the emerging trends and futuristic trends.

  1. Introduction to Graphic Illustration

This course is taught by Junichi Tsuneoka from the Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle.

The course is a 5 session course that focuses on how you can take your design skills to another level and grow your skill into marketable standards.

This course teaches you how to translate your ideas to reality. The course also puts you through some test to determine how you can develop and produce with your illustration skills.


Taking tutorials from any of the online courses mentioned above is one of the best ways to improve your skills as a graphics designer or artist without the stress of attending a formal school.

These courses offered by various online platforms can teach you all you need to know as a graphics designer, and with their expertise in teaching they can bring out the best in you.

If you’re at a beginner or intermediate level stage, you can check for the best courses from the above list to see which one or two is perfect for what you want to learn, and advance your graphic designing career.