15 Best Graphic Design Jobs

By | May 20, 2020
Best Graphic Design Jobs.
Logo design has been shown to be one of the best
paying graphic design jobs you can do.

15 Best Graphic Design Jobs

This post provides some of the top, high paying, and sustainable graphic design jobs to give you an idea of just how rewarding the career is and the areas you might want to specialize in as a graphic designer or artist.

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Top 15 Graphic Design Jobs you can Do

Graphic designers like other professionals solve problems; they make use of visual creations to share ideas via typography, form, color, and imagery.

There are different jobs or tasks graphic designers can perform and earn money doing them.

Here is a list of the best graphic designer jobs you can make money doing.

  1. Logo design: One of the basic jobs that visual graphic designers do is creating logos for organisations, whether they are profit, non-profit or in between.
    A logo is a visual symbol or representation that gives a visual identity to an organisation or brand.

When the name of an organisation or brand is spoken, the way it is represented in the visual world is the logo; a good logo has to be distinct from every other logo out there.

One way to tell that logo design is one of the best graphic designing jobs is to have a sense of the demand and revenue from the job.

In a year, there are millions of logo design jobs; for example, if you look up logo design on freelancer, you will find 789 logo design jobs looking for bidders, with jobs costing between $10 and $650.

The demand for logo jobs is fairly constant if not increasing all-round the year.

  1. Postcard design: Postcards are cards that can be mailed without the need for envelopes.

They are cards that have some pictures or illustrations on one side with a space for text on the other.

If you can design a logo, then you should be able to make postcards as a complementary service.

One company alone, Postcardmania, led by Joy Gendusa, sends out over 130 million post cards in a year.

That’s just one company validating the fact that people check their physical mailbox.

  1. Flyer design: One of the easiest to carry around piece of advertorial is the flyer.

A good visual graphic designer can make a good advert on a piece of paper or card showing a piece of announcement that people can respond to in the form of patronage, website visits, or physical visit, or simply for the sake of awareness.

One design job that has a lot of demand is flyer, especially eflyers.

There are 1391 jobs for flyers with prices ranging from $10 to $550 looking for bidders on the peopleperhour platform.

  1. Book cover design: In the advent of ebooks and the explosion of online publishing alongside print, there has been an increase in demand for book covers.

A well designed book cover brings attention to a book and research shows that it helps in revenue generation.

The piece of visual design that represents the cover of a book takes into account every element in that box, from the font of the title, to the color of text and background, to the position and spacing to create the right emotion in the mind of the audience.

Demand for book covers will keep rising as more and more people have access to the high speed internet across the world.

According to publishersweekly, the total number of print and e-books that were self-published in 2018 in the United States was 1.68 million, up from 1.19 million in 2017.

As at the time of writing this article, there were 1589 book cover projects waiting for bidders on the peopleperhour website.

This is just one platform, not to mention thousands of others that account for the yearly demand for book covers.

  1. T-shirt design: One powerful way to get a message or story across is the use of T-shirts.

For that message to be well presented, a visual graphic designer has to know his/her craft.

As people move around and get into pictures and videos, so the message on that piece of clothing spread far and wide.

According to Statista, in 2016, the global custom t-shirt printing market was valued at 1.16 billion U.S. dollars, and was forecast to reach a value of 3.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

  1. Business cards design: Business cards are also referred to as call cards.

They are small piece of cards like the size of an ATM card telling the reader the name and occupation of a person and how they can be reached for business.

It’s a portable way a professional can pass word around about themselves and service.

There is a huge demand for business cards; according to statisticbrain, Annual U.S. business card printing industry revenue stands at $798.6 million.

  1. Magazine and newspaper ads design: Magazine and newspaper ads were designed to grab attention and for that to succeed, a mix of the right elements must come to bear.

Font, Logo, colour, imagery and any other element that will help send the message across.

According to vox, $109 Billion was spent on TV, Radio and Newspaper ad. Some of that money for Newspaper ad will be spent on magazine and newspaper ad design.

  1. Poster design: Posters are visual announcements on paper designed to stick on surfaces.

Posters are basically a mix of visuals and text printed on paper; they are used to draw attention to some event that will occur in the near future like elections, service of songs, films, protests, etc.

As at the time of writing this article, there were 1407 poster design projects available with prices ranging $10 – $300 on the peopleperhour website

  1. Banners design: Banners are visual elements printed on flexible yet durable materials.

They are mostly used in communicating a piece of message about an event, place, or brand.

Since they are made from durable materials, they can be used for a fairly long time.

Banners can be placed online as well; they are placed on websites to call attention to some message.

There were 128 banner design projects on freelancer and 1426 at peopleperhour available for graphic artist or designers to do as at the time of writing this piece.

  1. Billboards: Billboards are pieces of adverts placed on large outdoor structures near a road or very busy commuter areas.

They target a piece of advertorial on pedestrians as well those in vehicles. According to ibisworld, the billboard and outdoor advertising market share, including transit wrappings, amounts to $8.5 billion in 2019.

  1. Infographics design: As the name implies, infographics are graphical ways of communicating pieces of information.

They help make a piece of information interesting and easier to retain. A graphic designer making infographics employs symbols, colors, charts, and visual analogies to make information stick out better than just text.

There are over 800 entries of infographics design jobs posted on freelancer for freelance designers to bid with prices ranging from $20 to $1000.

This is just one platform; imagine the demand across the country.

  1. Animated videos: There is a steady rise in demand for the use of animated videos for getting attention and communicating a message.

This has made the ability to make animated videos a valuable skill that graphic designers should add to their repertoire.

Studies show that people engage more with adverts that use animated videos than those with just images.

Freelancer listed 296 animation projects, while peopleperhour has 207 animation projects, with pricing ranging from $50 to $1200.

  1. GIF creation. Gif stands for graphics interchange format. They are quite popular and brands are interested in making their own gifs; they are very short pieces of videos that only last few seconds to express a message or emotion. They share a static and dynamic character as oppose to an image which is only static.

There are over 1 billion gifs sent daily and clients are looking for gif designers that can create custom gifs for their brand.

  1. Brochures design (print and digital). Brochures are booklets that have a mix of pictures and information, giving information about a product or service.

They are promotional in essence. Apart from the print version, there is also a digital version, where just one copy will serve the entire online audience.

There were 11420 banner projects posted on peopleperhour at the time of writing this post for designers to work on.

  1. Vehicle wraps design: One way to get a message around is a mobile vehicle wrapped with some advertorial.

As vehicles move around and get to places, a lot of people will see the pieces of communication bringing attention to some product, service or information.

According to ibisworld, the billboard and outdoor advertising market share, includes transit wrappings, was estimated to be $8.5 billion in 2019.


Graphic designers use a mix of typology, colour, and other visual elements to solve problems by creating a visual representation of an idea.

The volume of jobs available for graphic designers to perform is obviously huge and it just keeps growing as the demand for graphic illustration increases.