15 Important Things You Will Gain Learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite

By | December 7, 2020
15 Important Things You Will Gain Learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite.
You can become a better graphic designer
learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

15 Important Things You Will Gain Learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite

This post provides exhaustive information on what you will gain learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite, one of the world’s most popular graphic design software that enables designers both beginners and experienced to deliver awesome projects.

Learning how to use the CorelDraw Graphics Suite can open you up to vast knowledge of designing techniques that can help you to quickly become an expert.

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What is CorelDraw Graphics Suite?

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a design program that provides users with different tools to create and edit images.

It is a two-dimensional vector based program, which has become a mainstream illustrator program for graphic designers especially beginners, that is capable of using system-installed fonts and tools with the absence of third-party software.

While learning CorelDraw, there are things you will gain or come across in the Suite that will be of utmost importance to you in your career as a graphic designer.

15 Important Things You Will Gain Learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite

These are major things you will gain learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite:

  1. You will gain experience on how to convert bitmap to objects or objects to bitmap
  2. In-product learning
  3. Personalize and customize design space
  4. CorelDraw features a LiveSketch tool
  5. Available templates to inspire you
  6. You will get to deliver accurate projects
  7. Learn to create a basic shape for regular need
  8. Knowledge of the usage of Blends
  9. Use of pixel view for web graphic tool
  10. Making Text
  11. Customize your brush
  12. Learning logo design opens you up to use other basic tools in CorelDraw
  13. The learning process makes you familiar with the basic components of CorelDraw
  14. Knowledge of 3D designs
  15. Knowledge of ordering objects.
  1. You will gain experience on how to convert bitmap to objects or objects to bitmap

Converting from BITMAP to object is a bit complex but CorelDraw offers easier methods of doing it.

CorelDraw is nourished with collection of tools which makes it easier for converting. With the use of these tools, you can perform any tricks using CorelDraw.

  1. In-product learning

As first time user, CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019 provides fascinating features that make it easy to learn and get started.

This software provides various different resources for in-product learning and it also offers high-quality content that will help you to unveil your creative abilities.

This suite offers enough workspace designated to match your workflow that will enable you to be productive.

CorelDraw Suite is programmed to help you create stunning designs, personalize, craft and awe your audience.

  1. Personalize and customize design space

While learning CorelDraw its stunning features offer you the opportunity to customize your design space. With its custom desktop, icon size, window border and tools, you can create your ideal workspace.

With CorelDraw Suite 2019, you can explore, organize, and grow your collection of favorite fonts or tools by downloading premium plugins, font packs, extension and a lot more.

  1. CorelDraw features a LiveSketch tool

CorelDraw also boasts of an instinctive and high-capacity LiveSketch tool. CorelDraw Suite has a profound feature that enables you to sketch directly in its design form using a stylus-enabled device that is compatible with the software.

It allows you to instantly draw and capture your creative ideas originally when it strikes in. Using CorelDraw Suite saves you more time with its search and filter feature that helps you to locate your ideal fonts with just few clicks.

  1. Available templates to inspire you

With CorelDraw intuitive tools, you are assured to get your projects done quickly without any slack. As mentioned before, there are learning materials that can inspire and introduce you to more advanced stuff when you assess them.

CorelDraw offers many opportunities to ensure your works are done perfectly. CorelDraw offers inspirational templates for you to easily create your ideal designs for brochures, posters, social media images, invitation cards and lots more as you are learning without having to go through the design process from the scratch.

  1. You will get to deliver accurate projects

You will gain a lot while learning CorelDraw Graphic Suite due to its stunning features that make work easier. CorelDraw offers you various benefits like unparalleled color flexibility, accuracy and precision required for professional color quality output.

While learning with CorelDraw, you will get to create and deliver distinctive logos, signs and other marketing designs.

  1. Learn to create a basic shape for regular need

While learning how to use CorelDraw, you can gain basic knowledge of how to design whatever basic shapes we need in our daily life like emojis or stickers of animal, automobile and the rest.

Basic shapes are much easier to draw in the CorelDraw, with just drag and drop of some shapes like circle, rectangle, lines and ovule, etc. So while learning CorelDraw, it is easy to draw basic shapes.

  1. Knowledge of the usage of Blends

The Blend tools are used to transform one object into another by progression or blending of the shapes or colors.

This tool is one of the most useful and oldest tools. CorelDraw features this tool; you can use it to perform tricks while designing out your ideas.

Learning with CorelDraw puts you in the position to handle and make use of this great blend tool.

  1. Use of pixel view for web graphic tool

This tool allows you to edit the graphics and draw in actual pixel units which give much more accurate presentations which make the design appear in an enhanced way on the web.

You can come across this tool while learning CorelDraw and when you explore you can gain knowledge on how to use pixel view for web graphic tool.

  1. Making Text

The text tool which is the 11th tool on the left screen of the CorelDraw interface looks like the letter A, it allows you to write text.

Once you click on the tool some settings appear on top of the page which allows you to select the font, size, and other attributes of the text.

CorelDraw enables you to convert your text to curves. When you convert your text to curves it will no longer be text, it becomes just a shape.

The most important aspect of this is that you can move your drawing to another computer or Software that doesn’t have installed fonts and your drawing will still work because you have already converted your text to curves.

These are tricks you can come across while learning graphic design with CorelDraw Suite.

  1. Customize your brush

Brushes in CorelDraw are spicy and effective which can add spark to your design. As a beginner, you can easily learn how to use free brushes built into CorelDraw.

You can also download third-party brushes and install them to enable you effect most of your designs if the inbuilt brush tools are not sufficient.

But most of all, you could as well customize your brushes by yourself while learning.

The type of design you wish to create will determine the CorelDraw brush to use and how to handle it, these are things you will come across while learning CorelDraw.

  1. Learning logo design opens you up to use other basic tools in CorelDraw

Logo design is the most basic design people do when they start learning CorelDraw. Because of its simplicity and high demand, CorelDraw is a vector-based illustrator that many people recommend for logo design.

In the process of learning logo design, you will need to use functions within CorelDraw such as Ellipse Tool, Object, and Text Tool.

Learning how to handle these CorelDraw tools, how to combine them to create and label basic shapes puts you on a better track to learning other forms of design apart from logo design.

  1. The learning process makes you familiar with the basic components of CorelDraw

When you are learning CorelDraw Graphics Suite, be rest assured that you are about to get familiar with the basic components of the CorelDraw interface.

You will become familiar with the different features, menus, functions, dropdowns and their identification symbols and their uses.

The design interface, which is 2D vector design software, will not be strange when you open them.

Learning CorelDraw will give you a good idea on how the interface is setup, and it makes it easier to navigate while you design.

  1. Knowledge of 3D designs

Without a proper exploration of CorelDraw Suite, you may think it is just a vector suite for creating icons and text effects. But it can also render objects as 3D designs too.

If you learn how to design an object then you can go forward to design 3D shape with a little practice on CorelDraw Suite.

3D design is one of the most complicated vector designs to pull off as a beginner.

But CorelDraw offers a simple method of rendering objects to look like 3D vector. You will get to know this in the process of learning this software program.

  1. Knowledge of ordering objects

In CorelDraw, drawings with multiple objects have the objects in a sort of a stack. You can assume these stacks as the printing order.

Everything prints for “Bottom” to “Top” which makes the top most objects obscure the bottom most objects.

You can change this order by selecting Arrange->order and then select the change you want to make. This is the knowledge you will gain while learning CorelDraw.


CorelDraw Graphics Suite is two-dimensional vector-based designing software that is used for creating logos, flexes, brochures, invitation cards and any kind of vector designing based on the lining.

You will definitely be exposed to many opportunities if you are learning CorelDraw that can be of great use to your career as a graphic designer because CorelDraw is one of the best software programs for vector-based objects, and also it is widely used all over the world for various projects.