Advertising Graphic Designer Job Description Sample and Requirements for Success

By | March 17, 2020
Advertising Graphic Designer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Advertising Graphic Designers help boost a
brand or organization’s awareness.

Advertising Graphic Designer Job Description Sample and Requirements for Success

This post provides detailed information of the job description of an advertising graphic designer, to help you learn what they do.

It shows the typical duties and responsibilities that majorly make up the advertising graphic designer work description.

It also shows the skills and qualities required for advertising graphic designers to succeed on the job and career.

Please, continue reading to learn about what the advertising graphic designer career entails:

Who is an Advertising Graphic Designer?

An advertising graphic designer refers to a professional individual who is saddled with the responsibility of utilizing his or her skills, knowledge, and expertise in designing graphics, desktop publishing, and photography to effectively drive and boost the awareness of the brand or an organization.

He/she is also saddled with the responsibility of assisting in the planning and coordination of special events such as grand openings, home shows, and so on.

In other words, an advertising graphic designer can be described as an individual whose profession is to oversee and manage the tasks of generating print media publications such as catalogs, magazines, newsletters, and several other printed media.

In some cases, he/she may choose to work independently by working directly with clients, however, he or she may also work for an organization or a media institution.

The advertising graphic designer job description involves a range of different important day to day activities.

These include liaising and discussing with clients or customers and negotiating requirements to understand what they need to efficiently boost or promote the awareness of their brand, business, or organization.

Another important duty of a graphic designer working in a company’s advertising unit is to create plans and come up with designs following clients’ requirements.

He/she may also have the responsibility of updating and managing the organization or brand’s website and social media networks by uploading artworks, graphic designs, and pictures.

They are also responsible for creating various visual artworks such as books and magazine covers, websites, advertisements, product packages, brochures, logos, etc.

Additionally, it is an indisputable fact that good advertising has a way of sticking with people whether it is a memorable jingle, a clever catchphrase, or a beautifully designed image.

Therefore, the designer must ensure that adverts or ideas capture clients’ or consumers’ attention and stick in their memory.

Individuals interested in the advertising graphic designer career are expected to possess and demonstrate certain skills or characteristics that are needed to foster efficiency and productivity in the process of carrying out the duties of the job.

Some of the skills required for success in this career include artistic ability, well-developed written and verbal communication skills, highly competitive attitude, particular attention to details, excellent creative mind, good time management skills, the ability to perform efficiently and effectively under pressure and working irregular hours, ability to stay up to date with latest development trends, and several other skills and qualifications.

In terms of academic qualifications, the role of an advertising graphic designer may require possessing at least a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as graphics design, fine arts, or in any other relevant discipline.

Most employers also examine and evaluate job applications by portfolios and experience; therefore, the ideal candidate for an advertising graphic designer position should showcase a portfolio that demonstrates his/her skills and creativity.

Advertising Graphic designer Salary: The average salary for an advertising graphic designer is $44,620 annually.

Advertising Graphic Designer Job Description Sample/Example/Template

Shown below is a sample of a advertising graphic designer job description, highlighting the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly define the role:

  • Overseeing and managing the planning of a new project or ad campaign
  • Planning and developing eye-catching advertisements or a memorable theme
  • Manipulation of advert presentations according to clients’ specifications and requirements
  • Liaising and working cooperatively with clients to determine the appropriate direction of a project
  • Providing clients with several layouts to give them a wide range of options
  • Developing innovative concepts for the organization and industry at large.

Advertising Graphic Designer Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before or are presently working as an advertising graphic designer and are making a new resume for a position that requires working experience in that position, you can apply the sample job description above in making the professional experience part of the resume.

The professional or work experience section of your resume provides an opportunity for you to show to the employer that you have successfully performed the duties and responsibilities of the advertising graphic designer role.

This information can very much win you an interview appointment with the recruiter, especially if the new job that you are applying for requires working experience as an advertising graphic designer.

Advertising Graphic Designer Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

The major skills and qualifications that are required to work and succeed in the advertising graphic designer career include:

  • Well-developed artistic ability, since artistic talent, creativity, and innovative skills are the most obvious traits that an advertising graphic designer should possess. This also involves having a good portfolio that demonstrates his or her skills and ability
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; as the job of an advertising graphic designer revolves around knowing the target audience and how to communicate with them
  • Highly competitive attitude, since the job of a graphic designer in the advertising industry, is highly competitive, and one advert can make or break a career
  • Good time management skills that enable a designer to deliver efficiently under tight deadlines with people who are under pressure.
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as graphics design, fine arts, or in any other relevant discipline.


If you are interested in the advertising graphic designer career and want to learn about what the job entails, this post will be helpful to you.

It highlights the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically define the job description of graphic designers working in advertising.

You will also find this post useful if you are a recruiter or employer needing to create a good job description for use in hiring for the advertising graphic designer position in your organization.