Top 10 Graphic Design Trends of 2020

By | May 27, 2020
Graphic Design Trends of 2020
Abstract and dreamy illustrations will continue
to feature prominently in the work of graphic
designers in 2020.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends of 2020

This post provides valuable ideas and insight into trends in graphic designing for 2020, highlighting the developments that will shape the industry this year.

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Graphic design has always been a field of enormous inspiration and profound admiration for a lot of people.

Over the years, it has been used to make complicated things seem simple, transform the boring into the fascinating and the ordinary into the striking.

Although, if you are observant, you would have noticed that in the past few years, graphic design has solely been dominated by mind-bending gradients, futuristic compositions and bold colors.

However, this year (2020), the world of graphic design has become a lot more natural, harmonious, and reserved.

More so, graphic designers have provided unique approaches to graphic design that would bring about new ideas that could shape the rest of this decade.

Here is a list of graphic design trends this year:

  1. Color gradients
  2. Typography craze
  3. 3D depth and realism
  4. Abstract and dreamy illustrations
  5. Muted color palettes
  6. Going monochrome
  7. Shiny metals
  8. Organic aesthetic
  9. Line art
  10. Geometric pattern

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends of 2020

  1. Color gradients

Although, color gradients have been trending over the past few years, it is still very popular.

Formerly, this design was being relegated as a background for images.

However, graphic designers have started finding peculiar and unique ways of using gradients, such that they become the focal point of any given project.

Moreover, this design is now being used as a color filter and added to complex illustrations.

It is also included in simple graphics to give it originality, great texture, and depth.

  1. Typography craze

The typographical craze design has the ability to create a more modern and innovative look.

As at now, this design is already taking the lead stage in most projects due to its uniqueness.

Subsequently, the fonts of this design are bold but simple and they can be used to create good contrast in your graphics.

More so, a lot of graphic designers tend to play with this design when they are trying to achieve high-impact and diverse designs.

This design could attract a lot of attention and create visual hierarchy just by combining various font sizes, weight and width.

  1. 3D depth and realism

The 3D depth and realism design gained a lot of popularity in 2019.

However, it is becoming better and a lot easier to create this design. Thanks to today’s software capabilities and technologies though.

This design can be created by combining abstract shapes, images, and layers of typography.

Moreover, the ultimate depth and vivid colors of this trend create an amazing and realistic effect which could be very attractive.

  1. Abstract and dreamy illustrations

One good thing about this design is that it can be used to build a unique style that could set your brand apart from other brands.

Unlike how rigid and geometric this design has been in recent years, it has become better with more flowing and abstract illustrations.

In addition, graphic designers have been able to achieve a dreamy illustration by incorporating drawings, layer soft lines and squiggles.

  1. Muted color palettes

In the graphic design world, a lot of changes have been made and a lot of designers have moved from using flashy colors to muted ones.

Vivid colors that have their “edge” taken off with neutral ones can be said to have been muted.

This is made possible by adding white, black or any complementary color to a color that is bold or vivid.

Muted colors make designs to appear more natural, realistic, and easier on the eyes.

  1. Going monochrome

This design has become a popular tool for most graphic designers this year.

The going monochrome design can be achieved by using varying tones of a single color.

However, the style of this design is sometimes used to encourage its users to focus on messaging and content rather than the colors embedded in the design.

It also helps to maintain unity and balance in a commercial or artistic piece.

  1. Shiny metals

This design pulls a lot of attention due to the shiny metallic materials present in the design.

It is achieved through a combination of complimentary colors and shiny materials to create a beautiful effect.

In addition, when creating this design, a lot of graphic designers prefer gold or silver color to give an eye catching and luxurious look.

  1. Organic aesthetic

This trend has originality and a simple style. The organic aesthetic design focuses on calming lines, natural imagery and earthly color schemes.

It is a spectacular design with natural forms and materials. Thus, it creates a harmony between people and nature.

  1. Line art

The line art design emerged in 2019 but the year 2020 has brought it to the limelight.

This trend involves the use of line elements to create a magical effect.

They are more appealing when the lines form unexpected shapes and paths.

However, the line art design is unobtrusive and draws attention towards the main subject in your design.

  1. Geometric pattern

Today, a lot of graphic designers aim for simplicity in their designs so they tend to make use of the geometric pattern design.

However, geometric shapes may seem basic but they have become a very popular trend this year.

Although, this design may look simple, it requires a lot of effort in order to create a composition that carries the right message for viewers to grasp.


In conclusion, it is obvious how diverse and impressive the year 2020 graphic design trends are.

All of them are exceptionally unique and would serve a lot of companies and industries.