Top 14 Things to do to easily get into Graphic Designing

By | June 5, 2020
Things to do to easily get into Graphic Designing
If you are interested in becoming a graphic
designer, there are ways you can easily get started.

Top 14 Things to do to easily get into Graphic Designing

This post provides detailed information on how you can easily get into the graphic designing industry if that is your career choice.

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There is no specific path towards getting into graphics designing and having a successful career, there are varieties of routes to pursue and different procedures to build yourself so as to get into the field.

Things to do is all about seizing the rightful opportunities, working hard, and carrying out every project with passion, determination, and enthusiasm.

Getting started in graphics designing isn’t a big deal if you follow the right path to get into the business.

Becoming a good graphic designer depends solely on creative abilities and work rate, but there are a few tips to make you significant more than others in the field.

Here are tips to get into graphic designing business or career easily:

  1. Pursue formal education
  2. Develop your software skills
  3. Collect inspirations everything regarding design works
  4. Get an internship
  5. Create your network and an online presence
  6. Start working as a freelance graphics designer or with a design company
  7. Join design organizations for referrals
  8. Connect and communicate with other designers
  9. Build your Portfolio
  10. Make use of a sketchbook
  11. Read instructional and motivational books
  12. Keep yourself updated on the emerging trends and latest happenings
  13. Cooperate and establish a good working condition with your clients
  14. Always proofread your work and check for any error

Top 14 Things to do to easily get into Graphic Designing

  1. Pursue formal education

You can have the drive to teach yourself and start graphics designing without the benefit of a formal education, but acquiring a diploma or a university degree is the best route to get into graphics design industry.

The designing theories and practical inculcated in you by instructors will give a grounding knowledge to help you perform well in the field.

Most employers require that you need a formal education and experience to be employed and qualify for an art job.

So, to get into the industry it is advised to take a degree course, it gives you a great stance in the industry.

  1. Develop your software skills

As a graphics designer, you have to be proficient with your designing skills. Focus on learning a specific software program and get acquainted to its concept and principles and develop the broad ability to solve problems in the software package.

Your ability to effectively handle software programs makes you a good graphics designer, work more on your software skills to master all the nooks and crannies of the program.

As graphics, one of the ways to get into the industry is by learning how to handle your design tools, mostly Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, or InDesign.

  1. Collect inspirations everything regarding design works

Collect design samples that inspire you, take pictures of nature and other aesthetic creativities and save inspiring images online and store them in your collection for reference purposes.

You can get inspired by them one day by taking concepts from them to create an awesome design.

  1. Get an internship

Good graphics design studios can offer a valuable experience and improve your skills in graphics designing.

You will learn how design organizations run and how you can run and control your own designing brand and have a better understanding on how to render services to clients and manage your workloads regarding time factor.

If you show interest, commitment, brilliance, and proficiency in skill in the process of internship you might end up turning your internship into a full time job if you want to work with the company.

  1. Create your network and an online presence

You can showcase your work and design online through freelance platforms like Behance, which gives an avenue to express yourself, sample your designs and connect with people or clients that are interested in your designs and want you to work for them.

  1. Start working as a freelance graphics designer or with a design company

Once you have gotten a formal study, done internship and created blog or registered in any online freelancing platform, you will probably need to start looking for seeking for jobs online in any freelance platform or any graphics design house or company.

Taking project will help you to develop on your skills and solidify all you’ve learned during internship or formal education; you’ll start putting the theoretical aspects in work and practical.

  1. Join design organizations for referrals

Join any design community of freelancer graphics designers or any association of graphics designers.

It helps you meet mentors and professionals with lots of gigs to refer projects and clients to you as you’re starting up in the field.

Joining a referral network helps promote you as a starter in the field, you can get to meet professional designers, mentors, and prominent clients, thereby exposing you to graphics design world which will make you more relevant in the field.

  1. Connect and communicate with other designers

Liaising and communicating with other designers is an important way to boost your creativity and experience in graphics designing.

Interact with the ones who are better than you and more experienced in the field in order to learn more skills from them.

  1. Build your Portfolio

Building your brand entails creating alluring graphics designs for marketing purposes and sampling it in your brief or portfolio so clients can see your previous works.

Creating good and attractive marketing designs can determine whether a client will hire you or not because it shows them your abilities and what you can deliver as graphics designer.

Building a viable portfolio is vital as you plan to kick start and succeed in the field as a freelance graphics designer, if you want to grow in the field.

  1. Make use of a sketchbook

Sketchbooks are required if you want to get into graphics designing, it helps draw and pen down ideas whenever it poops in.

It allows you to capture the idea and retain it on the book immediately it strikes; you can start developing on the idea with the sketchbook before designing it out on your computer.

Sketch books enhance your creativity in art design over time as you practice out drawings or sketch.

  1. Read instructional and motivational books

Books help the reader to achieve greater heights. For you to be great and have knowledge in any endeavor, you must be a reader.

There are many graphics books that are meant to improve your skill and impact knowledge of graphics in you.

You can find books online or in bookstores and libraries that can add value to your life as graphics designer.

  1. Keep yourself updated on the emerging trends and latest happenings

Graphics designing is dynamic in nature, new changes and upgrades are being made now and then.

Graphics designing is a fast moving profession, software programs are being developed and upgraded and creativity designs go out of fashion as new concepts emerge, it is required of you to move with it.

Keep yourself abreast about the latest developments that are taking place in the industry.

Get information online on the latest software that will improve in your work.

  1. Cooperate and establish a good working condition with your clients

It is important to connect with your clients and always be in good terms with them because they determine your future as a graphics designer, solve any arising issues amicably so your relationship with your client can stay in a good standing so as to always receive jobs from them.

You can know who your client can refer you to or the volume of high paid projects they can hand to you.

The more you deliver efficiently, the more you get recommendations and more projects from them.

  1. Always proofread your work and check for any error

Errors made in designs for a company such as business ID/cards, logos, website can tarnish the company’s image and affect their prospective.

So, it is advised to proofread your work before submitting it to your clients.

If you deliver your work free of errors and careless mistakes, it shows your professionalism in the field, thereby adding value to your career.


You can be discouraged by the tasking nature of graphics designing if you’re starting out newly on the job.

But always keep in mind that the most renowned designers were once novices before getting to their current level.

This page provided valuable tips you can apply to easily get started as a graphic designer and have a successful career.